Unconventional and Unforgettable – Arambol Beach in Goa

Arambol Beach
Arambol Beach in Goa
Arambol Beach
Arambol Beach in Goa

Location: Arambol Beach, Arambol, North Goa

Is it famous? Yes. It is beautiful and impressive? Of course. It is the Arambol Beach of Goa. Particularly during the peak season, November to March, the beach is full life. Though now tourism is booming in the region and so are related facilities and amenities, but basically Arambol is a fishermen’s village.

This beach is like a surprise package. The beach water and its soft sand rules the day, creating a perfect ambiance to relax and unwind. Glitterati, music and a crowd lost in its own world of party and entertainment – the nights assure that nobody sleeps!

Amidst the hills and the valley there is a huge Banyan tree and a stone sculpture called the Money Stone which is also considered a religious place. Take a stroll towards the nearby fresh water lake in Arambol, perfect for a sea bath or a mud bath. Its water is also believed to have therapeutic qualities.

Relish the flavours of Goan cuisines in beach shack restaurants, under the sky and besides the beach. Bliss! Authentic Italian food, particularly the wood fired pizza are a must to savour. You can also enjoy the paragliding there and you will have no regrets.

Quick Tips:

  • Best to go in the late afternoon or evening, else you will miss the not-to-be-missed-at-all sunset at Arambol Beach.
  • The beach is perfect and safe for swim. Just be careful of the high waves.
  • Hire a scooty explore the endless stretches of greens around the beach.
  • Spend on exquisite pieces of art, jewelry and clothing if you like to shop at the nearby flea market.

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