Day 4 – Paravoor to Edapally via Allepey-Kochi beach route (Kanyakumari to Leh cycling)



It was difficult today to get up as I slept very late at 1:30 am after talking to my friend on phone. Still, do it happily or negligently, some things are to be done. The family I was staying with insisted me to have breakfast before leaving, so I had dosa with coconut chutney. The love and affection that I got here has spoilt me and now, I need company everywhere I go as I spend my time alone in my hotel room and this time gets hard to kill. As said by world famous mountaineer, ” Lonliness can kill you if you are not prepared for it”. In my case here in this solo journey, my friends on facebook keeps me motivated and makes me keep going because I have become a source of inspiration for them.
I left their home late at 6:45 am and they told me to take Alleppey – Kochi beach route instead of NH 47 as it is much safer and more scenic. This advise made all the difference in today’s journey as I was riding along the sea for approx 50 kms. My accommodation in Edapally was already arranged by someone with whom I got in touch through facebook as he is a member of Cochin Bikers Club. I will also be meeting with other members of this club as I got a call from them the previous day.
This Alleppey – Kochi beach route I was traveling through today had like 30 churches on my way,some of them really beautiful structures. It was a blissful ride today and I was riding slow today, enjoying the scenery. I reached Edapally at 2 PM after riding for 83 kms today. I have heard about a Lulu shopping mall which boasts of being the largest mall in Asia, just 4 kms from where I am staying. Keep in touch with me as I go and explore that one and the city.