Day 9 – Thalassery to Kasaragod, Kerala (Kanyakumari to Leh Cycling)

Kallada River in Kollam
Kallada River
Kerala backwaters
Mumbai is still far
Mumbai is still far


Today was my first experience with the hills of the Western Ghats, which made my uphill ride really tough. Somewhere I had to get down from my bicycle and cover the distance on foot. From the top of a hill, I saw a vast landscape of coconut trees as far as the eye could see. Going up was exhausting but worth it. The road was under construction, which made me ride slowly today. I passed many really beautiful backwaters, the view of which from the bridge was captivating.
I was in Kollam last Sunday and found it deserted, with shops closed and empty streets with very few people outside. Today also, it was all the same during the whole journey. I was feeling a little lonely and sad sometimes. Perhaps, Keralaites really take their Sundays very seriously and prefers to stay home the whole day. In this 30-35 degrees celsius heat, I’m always seeing mirages on the road.

I reached Kasaragod by 3:30 p.m. after riding for 124 km today. I was supposed to reach here tomorrow according to my schedule, but I’ve been covering a lot of ground during the last few days. This gives me a day’s advantage which I can use in emergency, if required.

Today is my last night in Kerala, and I will enter Karnataka tomorrow through Mangalore. I’m thinking of going to Udupi directly after spending some time in Mangalore or I might make a night stay in Mangalore.