Wagah Border Or Whaga Border?

Wagha Border - International Border
When lines are drawn on paper and people are forced to relocate - Wagha

Whether you call it Wagah or Whaga, this small village holds a significant place in history. Unfortunately, it was overlooked by Mr. Cyril Radcliffe when he worked on the ill-fated Radcliffe Award, resulting in its division between India and Pakistan. Wagah/Whaga lies on the historic road between Kabul and Chittagong, known as Sher Shah Suri Marg or the Grand Trunk Road, adding to its importance.

Today, this border post between India and Pakistan stands on South Asia’s oldest and longest road, serving as a crucial point of crossing and one of the busiest business borders in Asia. To distinguish between the two sides, India and Pakistan decided to spell the village name differently. India uses “Wagah,” while Pakistan uses “Whaga.” However, in practice, many Pakistani government agencies have adopted the standard spelling of “Wagah.”

The Wagah Border Post remains a symbolic location for crossing between the two countries and is renowned for its grand evening flag lowering ceremony. The ceremony features spirited shouting, foot-stomping, and impressive march pasts by soldiers from both sides of the border. Each evening, a large crowd gathers to witness this captivating border gate closing ceremony.

The provided photograph, commissioned by Mapsofindia.com, aims to capture the essence of both sides of the border, including the people and structures, while highlighting the vibrant atmosphere and diverse elements present at this historic site.

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