Weekend Getaways from Shimla

Weekend Getaways from Shimla

Weekend Getaways from Shimla

For those who are tired of the drag of their daily life in Shimla, we have a number of options for the weekend getaways. Expect an all-in-one ride which would be adventure-packed, will have lots of fights (snowballing ones), has spiritualism, and loads of nature-close moments. Don’t believe us? Then read on…


Cool and quiet come together to define the panoramic destination of Chail. Far away from the city rush and crowd, the hilly terrains have enveloping surroundings of Oak and Deodar trees that can mesmerise anyone to forget their life back home. Revered for its pristine, scenic landscapes, there is no wonder it was once Patiala kings’ summer capital. It is a quintessential travel spot for anyone who wants to relax in the backdrop of most beautiful lush greenery.

Top-5-Weekend Getaways From Shimla-chail

What You Should See: Chail wildlife sanctuary, Palace Hotel, and Kali Temple
Best Time to Visit: April-June, September-October
How to Reach: Just 55 km away, the road route is the best way to reach there. Buses are frequent between the two.


This hilly paradise has something for all kinds of tourists- whether the purpose is to polish the adventurer in you, to feel a bit closer to the God or to simply just play in the snow, a Manali trip has got you covered. The awe-striking view of woody forests and high hills loom large and your weekend would be a complete bliss in the lap of nature. Other than the photo ops and an out of this world rejuvenation experience, Manali is also known for snow fun. Perhaps one of God’s best gift, Rohtang Pass always stays snowed, so skiing paddles or some cool tricks to win a snowball war from your siblings can come handy. For those who seek adrenaline rush are spoilt for choice- paragliding, zorbing, white water rafting, trekking, and skiing are the top sports there. This hill station also has a number of religiously important temples, such as Jagannathi Devi Temple, Hadimba Temple, Raghunath temple and more. A trip to there sure would consume all your camera memory.

Top-5-Weekend Getaways From Shimla-Manali

What You Should See: Rohtang Pass, Hadimba Temple, Beas Kund Trek, and Solang Valley
Best Time to Visit: March-June
How to Reach: Located about 250 km away, there’s government bus service available between the two.


How about you get to see beautiful monasteries, ancient temples, and a kaleidoscope of green terrains with lofty peaks here and there? Sure a dream vacation, right? It has hundreds of years old architecture and some have an awe-inspiring view of the entire place. And don’t forget to taste the nature-kissed juiciest tomatoes there, Solan is quite popular for them.

Top-5-Weekend Getaways From Shimla-Solan

What You Should See: Kasauli, Solan Brewery, Menri Monastery, Children’s Park, and Kuthar Fort
Best Time to Visit: March-November
How to Reach: Since it is just 46 km away from Shimla, you can hire a cab and reach there easily.


Welcome to the city which is a marriage of modernity and traditions. While it impresses you with its pleasant innocence, it also moves you with its city life’s glitz and glam.
Any trip to Chandigarh should begin from visiting Sukhna Lake. Firstly, it is a complete man-made lake and secondly, it is situated amidst picturesque Shivaliks foothills- a place where rejuvenation acquires a more refined definition.
In addition, boat rides, museum and architecture visits should totally be on your itinerary while travelling this city.

Top-5-Weekend Getaways From Shimla-Chandigarh

What You Should See: Rose Garden, Sukhna Lake, Terraced Garden, Fun City, Rock Garden and Roopkund Trek
Best Time to Visit: August-March
How to Reach: Chandigarh is about 112 km away. Both bus and air routes are available.


This quaint little town is a dream for everyone who wants to ski. High hills and tropical forests will be around wherever you go! Temples are a key factor for it draws a number of tourist for that reason alone. Trekking is another major factor it attracts so many people around the year.

Top-5-Weekend Getaways From Shimla-Narkanda

What You Should See: Mahamaya Temple, Kacheri, Hatu Peak, Stokes Farm, and Tannu Jubbar Lake
Best Time to Visit: November-February
How to Reach: About 63 km away from Shimla, your journey would be a stress-free ride as there are frequent buses available between the two.

Enveloped with majestic woodlands and snow capped-hills- that’s how a weekend getaway from Shimla is going to be! So start planning your trip now. You wouldn’t regret it.

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