Nagpur Cuisine

The Nagpur cuisine is an important part of the society of Nagpur. The cuisines of Nagpur present a typical pattern of the cultural heritage of Nagpur. There were many dynasties that ruled in the territory and had diverse food habits. As a result, the cuisine in Nagpur shows a great variety.

Nagpur is known as the 'Orange City'. Therefore, the cuisine of Nagpur contains various dishes prepared with the help of oranges. The people of Nagpur make sweets and many other items using oranges: oranges seem to be a vital part of the Nagpur cuisine.

A typical Nagpur meal comprises of very simple food. The dinner comprises of three main courses, viz. boiled rice and pulse, poli or chapati and vegetables. It is noteworthy that the food of Nagpur is known for its liberal use of ghee. The ghee is used as a taste enhancer.

The cuisine in Nagpur also includes a wide range of savories, which include rayatas, lonace, papad, kosimbirs, catnis, sandage, etc. These savories add delight to the cuisine of Nagpur.

Besides, the dishes of Nagpur are also very spicy. The people of Nagpur add a lot of spice to the dishes: the spices make the food preparations more palatable and tasty. Peanuts, dried copra and ghee are used as garnishing.

The different hotels and restaurants celebrate the cuisine of Nagpur. The tourists willing to taste the delicacies of Nagpur can visit the hotels and restaurants in Nagpur: these eateries give the flavor of authentic Nagpur cuisine.

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Last Updated on 6 September 2011