Nagpur Religions

Nagpur religions present a wide variety. Nagpur is home to a large population, who belong to the different religious communities. Hinduism is the predominant religion among the religions in Nagpur, which is followed by Brahmanism, Animism, Caste Deities, Christianity, Islam, etc.

About Major Nagpur Religions

To begin, it can be said that Hinduism is one of the most important religion in Nagpur. Apart from a small number of people, known as Banias, the majority of the population in Nagpur follows Hinduism. Hinduism in Nagpur is divided into two major categorizes namely Brahmanic Hinduism and Tribal Hinduism, which is also called low-caste Hinduism.

Some of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses that deserve special mention in this context are:
  • Mahadev
  • Maruti
  • Kali
  • Narayan Devi, etc.
Talking about the religions of Nagpur, it goes without mention that animism is one of the most primitive religions at Nagpur. Animism is a part of the Dravidian beliefs that preaches nature worship. In fact, animism was prevalent in India before Hinduism or caste system came into existence. In Nagpur, animism seems to be broad concept that revolves round the belief in life force, as well as on spirit or soul.

Christianity is another important religion in Nagpur. Among the other religions at Nagpur, Christianity occupies a distinct position. It is noteworthy that all the major Churches in Nagpur adhere to the principles, except of certain dissimilarities. Some of the differences in the principles followed by the churches at Nagpur are as follows:
  • Dogmas of faith
  • Rituals
  • Their methods of administration
  • Sources of their beliefs and doctrines, etc.
Islam seems to be another major Nagpur religion. The Muslim population of Nagpur comprises 1926 Sias and about 40187 Sunnis. In Nagpur, Muslims are divided into two different sects namely Sias and Sunnis: these two sects are different owing to their descent.

Last Updated on 6 September 2011