Maharaj Baug and Zoo, Nagpur

The Maharaj Baug and Zoo, Nagpur is one of the most popular places among the people who travel to this city of Maharashtra on a vacation. As the name suggests, the Maharaj Baug and Zoo in Nagpur, is an amalgamation of a garden and a zoo.

The charm of the Maharaj Baug and Zoo of Nagpur lies in the fact that it has a historical lineage, unlike many other places of its kind in India. The Maharaj Baug and Zoo at Nagpur was established a long time back by the rulers who used to belong to the Bhonsle dynasty. There is a fascinating garden, which is called the Maharaj Baug. The name of this garden suggests the historical background of the place.

However, this historical garden has been now transformed into a botanical garden. There is a zoo within the premises of the Maharaj Baug, which adds to the attraction of the place. Hence, this place is currently called the Maharaj Baug and Zoo. The zoo houses some rare varieties of animals. This zoo also has some different kinds of birds, which are not easily visible in India.

If one is interested to visit this place of historical importance, then he has to come to Nagpur via air, road or rail. Nagpur has an airport as well as a railway station.

The Maharaj Baug and Zoo, Nagpur attracts a variety of people from across the entire country. The people who are inclined towards the nature and those who take interest in the varieties of wildlife throng this place of Nagpur every year.

Last Updated on 9/26/2011