Nawegaon Bandh, Nagpur

The Nawegaon Bandh, Nagpur is in every sense a heavenly forest resort and blessed with the ominous presence of a pristine lake and placed at the foot of a group of small hills. The Nawegaon Bandh, Nagpur is indeed an absolute treat for all the adventure seekers as there is plenty of opportunity for them to explore the adventurous side of life.

Legend has it that, it was the renowned personality of Kolu Patel Kholi, who had laid the foundation stone of Nawegaon Bandh in Nagpur in the first half of the 18th century. Today, the Nawegaon Bandh of Nagpur has transformed it into perhaps one of the most recurrently visited spots in the city of Nagpur.

There is a tall watch tower in Nawegaon Bandh at Nagpur that provides a very beautiful panoramic view of this gorgeous tourist hub. If luck is on their side, the holiday-makers can also spot a few wild-beasts basking in the sun. To make your trip to the Nawegaon Bandh of Nagpur an unforgettable one, make sure that you hire a sail boat or powered boat and speed through the calm waters of the lake. The ambiance that prevails there is so peaceful that mere words fall short of expressing it fully.

You do not have to strive hard to reach this spot because the closest airhead is located at a distance that is estimated to be approximately 142 kilometers while Devalgaon, the nearest railhead is situated at a distance of only one kilometer.

Last Updated on 9/26/2011