Khernakala, Nagpur

Khernakala, Nagpur is a renowned tourist spot that is home to a beautiful dam, which is positioned at the fringe of the verdant woodlands known as Khapra Range Forest. The ambiance that prevails at Khernakala, Nagpur is so soothing and placid that it will beyond a shadow of a doubt captivate you in a state of trance. The luscious green surroundings which are simply spellbinding blend into the aura created by the healthy environment prevailing there, to give rise to an awesome combination.

The plot of land that beleaguers the reservoir of water is veiled with thick growth of saplings. As Khernakala in Nagpur is sited at a length of approximately 55 kilometers from the city of Nagpur, it is very comfortably accessible from any distant nook of the country. As a matter of fact, you can also reach Khernakala of Nagpur by buses that depart from destinations like Nagpur, Saoner and Khapra.

There is an entire volley of tourist attractions located at a stone's throw from Khernakala at Nagpur which makes it even more desirable for the eager holiday-makers. Abhora is one of such destinations that flank Khernakala of Nagpur. This tourist hub is delicately cradled on the brink of a sprawling rivulet known as Vainganga. It is the shrine consecrated to 'Chaitnyesvara' which draws a hefty load of spectators. Another attraction is the venue that holds the remains of a saint who preached Hinduism, revered by the name of 'Har Har Swami'.

Last Updated on 9/26/2011