Nagpur Transport

Nagpur transport system comprises of roadways, railways and airways. These are the three main modes of transport in Nagpur. Nagpur being located in the center of India where you can locate the zero milestone of India, has a very well developed mode of transport, be it roads, rails or airlines.

Among all the modes of transport in Nagpur, it is the roadways that are the most easy of all. The beautiful roads in Nagpur were developed under the Integrated Road Development Project. Nagpur has very well developed roads which connect it to all the metros and major cities and towns of India. Moreover, the city is proud to have National Highways such as NH-6 and NH-7 passing through it.

Railways too form a significant part of the modes of transport at Nagpur. Moreover, the railways of Nagpur are not just regionally significant rather they bear national importance too, the reason being its central location. The railways at Nagpur are one of the largest rail head as it is the place where all the railway lines merge. You can catch train from this place to any part of India.

A brief on the modes of transport around Nagpur would remain incomplete without airlines. Sonegaon airport is the only airport in Nagpur and has been renamed Dr. Ambedkar International Airport. The Air Traffic Control of Nagpur is the busiest in India because of its central location. More than 300 international flights fly over the city every day. The city remains connected with other parts of India through various flights of different airlines.

In the coming years Nagpur transport network is to face various developments due to the pressure of rapid industrialization because it is the transport and communication of a place which helps in its overall growth.

Last Updated on 6 September 2011