Sitabuldi Fort, Nagpur

The Sitabuldi Fort, Nagpur is one of the major attractions for the tourists who visit Nagpur on vacation. If you visit Nagpur anytime in your life, then make it sure that you do not forget to visit the Sitabuldi Fort of Nagpur, as this is considered to be one of the jewels of Nagpur.

The location of the historical place of Sitabuldi Fort at Nagpur adds to the charm of the place. The Sitabuldi Fort is situated on the two hills of Sitabuldi, which are referred to as twins, as they look alike. In fact, the fort has got its name from these hills.

The specialty of the Sitabuldi Fort in Nagpur is the historical lineage of the place. This fort of Maharashtra was put up as early as in the year 1857, in the pre-independence era. The person who established the Sitabuldi Fort was British by birth. The year of establishment of this well-reputed fort of Nagpur is the same as the year in which the very crucial battle of Plassey was fought.

From the pre-independent era, the Sitabuldi Fort, Nagpur has been one of the major tourist spots of Nagpur. Till today, people come to visit this fort of Nagpur. For the protection of the fort, a trough has been created around the fort.

There is a memorial that is located inside the fort, which is meant to commemorate the dedication of the soldiers who lost their lives during the well-known war between the British and the Marathas.

Last Updated on 9/26/2011