Retailers and Shops in Pune

Watches and Jewellery

There are an innumerable number of retailers and shops of watches and jewelry in Pune. These retailers and shops of watches and jewelry in Pune deal with various kinds of precious jewelries and trendy watches.
Watches and jewelry are an indispensable part of the fashion industry. Clothes clubbed with the right kind of watches and jewelry adds to the charm of decking up.

Talking about Pune we can say that in Pune we come across many shops selling watches and jewelry and displaying an exotic range of traditional Indian jewelry.


Like in most of the places in India, Pune also boasts of having a rich cultural heritage; and this rich cultural heritage is reflected in the handicrafts of Pune that belong to this place. Some of the exquisite handicraft products found in Pune are:

  • Wooden Handicrafts
  • Candle Holders
  • Gifts and Decoratives
  • Metal Handicrafts
  • Stone Handicrafts
  • Glass Products
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Paintings
  • Carpets
  • Smoking Pipes
  • Decorative Candles
  • Bone Handicrafts, etc.

We also come across many shops in Pune that deals in these rare artifacts. Some of the famous shops retailers and shops of handicrafts of Pune are:

  • Alankar Tapstray
  • Crafts Bridge India Private Limited
  • Ghandi Khadi Bhandar
  • Gidwani Handlooms
  • Ishwar Moorti Center
  • Janata Khadi Bhandar
  • Kailash Handlooms
  • Kashmir Art Palaces
  • Krishna Handloom and Furaisking
  • Lishkara
  • New Kashmir Stores
  • Utkalika Orissa State Emporium, etc.

The handicraft of a place, instead of being crude and course, is a dear item for the possessors because it, in spite of being rough, it carries with it its inherent culture and tradition.

The retailers and shops of handicrafts of Pune design, sell and exhibit antique pieces, so that tourists can at least have a glimpse of the artifacts found in Pune. Carpets and 'Khadi' are the important handicrafts of Pune that are famous throughout the world. Kolahpuri sandals also form a major part of export in Pune. These sandals are known for its endurability and comfort. These sandals, also known as 'chappals' well compliments the Maharashtrian style of dressing.

The handicrafts of Pune indeed occupies a distinct position among the different handicrafts in India.

24 Hour Chemist Shops

24 hour chemists in Pune are known for their prompt service to the people of Pune. 24 hours chemists is a revolution in the history of medical science and physio-therapy.

Talking about medicines, Pune has a huge market for medicines and drugs; but till recently one of the major drawbacks of this field in Pune was that medicines were not available at the time when it was most required, i.e. the night time when shops are kept close. So the government of Pune undertook a decision that there would be 24 hour chemists in Pune, like it was there in the other parts of the country.

Therefore, we find a wide range of medical stores facilitated with the 24 hour chemists in Pune.

Sportswear Shops

Pune has been the land of sports and has given out some great sports person to the world. This is why you can get all kinds of sportswear in Pune. In the last few decades, Pune has witnessed cricketers like Hemant and Hrishikesh Kanitkar, tennis players like Nitin Kirtane and Radhika Tulpule, and chess players like Abhijeet Kunte and Pravin Thipse.

There are many more to come and make the whole nation proud of their achievements. Basically sportswear includes clothes as well as the footwear. The sportswear at Pune are of good quality and are available at affordable prices.

Footwears are the important part of the sportswear because clothes for two sports may remain common but the footwear is always different.

Apparels and Fashion Shops

The retailers and shops of apparels and fashion in Pune have been increasing day by day due to the prevailing boom in the fashion industry.

In Pune, which is an IT hub, we can see a craze for fashion that was never before found there. Previously apparels and fashion in Pune were a part of the aristocratic class in Pune. But recently, it has become a major part of one's lifestyle, both for aristocrats and bourgeois.

Thus keeping with the growing fashion, many retailers and shops of apparels and fashion in Pune has emerged.

Electronics Shops
Electronics retailers and shops in Pune offer electronic products at affordable prices. With giants like Whirlpool and LG having their appliance manufacturing plants located in Pune, the demand for electronic goods has to go high.

Apart from electronics shops and retailers in Pune, there are shops that offer service and repairs of electronics. You can get every types of electronics from television to CD players, washing machines to cameras, etc.

Last Updated on 23 May 2013