Shopping Malls in Pune

Pune, 'the queen of Deccan' is a place of shopaholics` paradise. Some beautiful shopping malls are located in Pune to cater the shopping lover people. Pune visit will remain incomplete without shopping. Pune, the `queen of Deccan` offers much to tourists and travelers. Shopping malls are one of them. Few of those are mentioned below:

  • Pune Central : Bundgarden Road
  • Mega Mart
  • Vishal Mega Mart : Fatimanagar
  • KK Bazar : Bibewadi
Nucleus: Nucleus shopping Mall of Pune is regarded entirely for shopping and recreation business. Nucleus shopping mall is appropriate for professional people- Doctors, Lawyers, Consultants, Banks, Firms, Institutes, etc. The facilitated presence of most modern amenities turns Nucleus Mall into a shopping mall which reigns in property.

Features of Nucleus shopping mall are listed below

  • The Entrance Lobby is truly a work of art.
  • Lifts and escalator are available in the mall.
  • Remarkable security and fire bar systems.
  • Efficient management system.
  • A big range of office space is available in the mall.
  • Two level parking system.
City Mall: It is one of the major shopping malls in Pune. City Mall is located in 6 lane Ganeshkhind Road, Pune just outside the Pune University main gate. The mall is an example of the creations of Kolte-Patil`s contemporary aesthetics, innovative state-of-the-art construction techniques, finest materials, exquisite finish and excellent amenities. All sort of shops, food court and amusement, arched, showrooms are available in the mall. The mall has a great collection of fashion fabrics, furniture and art gallery. The buyers can have standard toilet facility in the City Mall. Lifts and escalator are present in the mall.

Last Updated on 23 May 2013