Rajkot Art

Rajkot Art symbolizes a fine combination of the cultural dynamism and craftsmanship of the city. Having an ancient heritage Rajkot city of Gujarat is known for a captivating range of artistic skills. The local craftsmen of Rajkot are deft in various types of handicraft works.

Mukita handicrafts of Rajkot, from its very inception, has played an important role in enriching the artistic scenario of the city. The craftsmen engaged in Mukita Handicrafts are all well-versed with the intricate artistry of the same. Hand-made wooden products and embroidery are the main elements of Mukita handicraft.

Bandhani work is another interesting art of Rajkot city. The colorful Bandhani sarees of Rajkot are not only popular in the state of Gujarat but also have a great demand in other Indian states. The bright shades and fine texture are the two prime qualities that make the Bandhani works of Rajkot famous all over India.

The art of Rajkot also includes silk embroidery, patch work and bead work. Since jeweleries, both heavy and light, are worn by almost all the females of Rajkot city hence the jewelery industry has also become a part of the art works of the city.

As a prominent and bustling city of Gujarat state, Rajkot today houses several import and export houses that deal with a variety of art works. Tourists coming to visit Rajkot are often seen buying various art works available in the city with great enthusiasm.

Rajkot Art is an ideal representation of the rich creative tradition of the place.

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Last Updated on 06/06/2013