Rajkot Festivals

Rajkot Festivals are regarded as the most vibrant of occasions when the entire population of the city engrosses in mirth and merriment. Enriched with a bright and pulsating array of festivals Rajkot signifies a cultural dynamism which is one of its distinctive identities.

The International Kite festival is a major event of Rajkot which is hosted in the mid of January every year. People from different corners of India as well as from other countries often flock to Rajkot to watch this colorful occasion of kite festival.

Navaratri is yet another significant festival of Rajkot which is celebrated through nine long days. The people of Rajkot perform Garba which is a special dance form of the Gujarat state during Navaratri. The unique trait of this Garba dance is that it is started in the midnight and lasts till the wee hours of the following morning. Both men and women of Rajkot wear colorful attires during the nine days of Navaratri.

The Modhera dance festival is also a popular event of Rajkot. Performed at the Sun Temple of Modhera, this dance is known to represent the rich tradition of the culture of Rajkot city. The fair of Tarnetar is another interesting part of the Rajkot festivals. The ancient records of Rajkot states that this fair was organized first in the place to celebrate the marriage ceremony of Arjun - one of the Pandava brothers - with Draupadi.

People from far and near places often visit Rajkot to get a glimpse of the mesmerizing charm of the local festivals.

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Last Updated on 06/06/2013