Mukita Handicraft Rajkot

Mukita Handicraft Rajkot is famous for the delicate embroidery works and hand-made wooden products. The workers engaged in Mukita handicrafts are known to exist in Rajkot city from a very long time. It is said that some of the artists of Mukita handicrafts have acquired the skill from their ancestors who used to engage in this art of Rajkot in the past centuries.

Wooden products with excellent designs are one of the part of Mukita handicrafts in Rajkot. Blue, maroon, black and red are the colors in which the wooden furnitures are made by the local artisans of Mukita handicrafts. The specialty of this type of product is that it can be manufactured according to the demands of the customers.

Embroidery is another fascinating component of Mukita handicrafts of Rajkot city. The intricate stitch work with multi-hued threads on various textiles is the prime attraction of embroidery of Mukita handicrafts. Those who are engaged with the intricate embroidery works of Rajkot are quite acquainted with double and single stitching techniques.

The handicrafts industry of Rajkot city bears the rich imprint of the artisans of the past ages. In fact Rajkot is one of those places of the state of Gujarat where handicrafts have taken a new and finer dimension. Toady, Mukita handicrafts have become so popular in Rajkot that several of the articles are exported to other countries too.

A significant extension of the Rajkot Art in particular and Gujarat in general Mukita handicrafts have transformed the entire genre of art works of the city into a vibrant and flourishing one.

Last Updated on 06/06/2013