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Rajkot is the 4th largest city in the state of Gujarat. In the world's fastest growing cities and urban areas Rajkot ranked 22nd from 2006 to 2020. And now with the convenience of the cheap flights that are easily available one can pay visit to this developing city. Rajkot is majorly the commercial hub for Gujarat and is gradually gaining its pace in the commercial market all over the world, so the place is visited by many all around the year.

As the place is visited by many, therefore the airline companies provide cheap flights to Rajkot from all major cities. Cheap flights to Rajkot are generally easily available, but it is advisable to book in advance for oneself so as to avoid last minute rush and also to avail all other benefits offered by the cheap flight companies. Cheap flights add convenience to one's traveling experience and also save time. Cheap flights have comparatively less fares as compared to the normal flights, but are higher as compared to the railways, but people don't mind spending a little high.

Following are the cheap flights to Rajkot that are available from all the major cities:

Flights from Delhi to Rajkot:

1.Jet Konnect- 3840 Indian rupees
2.Air India- 7340 Indian rupees
3.Jet Lite- 8675 Indian rupees

Flights from Mumbai to Rajkot:

1.Jet Lite- 3434 Indian rupees
2.Jet Konnect- 3334 Indian rupees
3.Air India- 3684 Indian rupees

Flights from Chennai to Rajkot:

1.Jet Konnect- 5018 Indian rupees
2.Air India- 7119 Indian rupees
3.Jet Lite- 9106 Indian rupees

Flights from Kolkata to Rajkot:

1.Jet Konnect- 7718 Indian rupees


Last Updated on : 16 January 2012



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