Jagat Mandir

Jagat Mandir is one of the most significant places of interest in the city of Rajkot. This temple is of special importance to the people in the state of Gujarat as well as the remaining part of India who follow the religion of Hinduism.

The Jagat Mandir of Rajkot has been established to worship Lord Krishna is one of the most popular deities associated with the Hindu religion. The temple has been built with a variety of red colored stone. This temple is very popular among the devotees of Hindu religion. The image of Lord Krishna that is worshiped at the Jagat Mandir at Rajkot is well known as Dwarkadheesh.

Other than the religious importance of the temple, the tourists come to visit this structure to have a glimpse of the architectural expertise that the temple exhibits. The temple has a shrine, which is held in place by as many as 60 pillars. These pillars are made up of sandstone and granite. The temple is also called Dwarkadhish temple. The total height of the temple is 170 feet. The flag in the temple, which is replaced with a new one thrice daily. The Jagat Mandir in Rajkot is one of the most important moksh dhams of India. It is commonly believed that the Jagat Mandir was built over 2500 years ago.

If one is planning to travel to the city of Rajkot, then this temple is one of the must-visits of the place.

Last Updated on 06/06/2013