Rashtriya Shala

The Rashtriya Shala is one of the most important tourist attractions located in the district of Rajkot. This structure has a lot of historical importance and hence it has immense value to the tourists who find interest in anything related to the history of the country of India.

The Rashtriya Shala was started in the year 1921. It initially started its operation in a rented place. The Rajkot leader called Shri Lakhajiraj donated 66 thousand square yards of land for this institute. From the year 1924, the Rashtriya Shala started functioning from here.

The Rashtriya Shala of Rajkot is a organization closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi, who is lovingly called 'the father of the nation'. He had a big role to play in the country's struggle for existence. The Rashtriya Shala at Rajkot is directly associated with the non-cooperation movement, which is one of the most important segments of the history of India's fight for liberty.

The non-cooperation movement was actually a method of protesting against the British government through the method of non-violence. The main aim of this movement was to express discontent with the British rule by boycotting everything related to the British colonizers. In an attempt to execute non-cooperation movement, Mahatma Gandhi set up a number of educational institute to offer alternatives to the British institutes. The Rashtriya Shala in Rajkot was born out of this Gandhian thought.

Therefore the Rashtriya Shala along with a some of other institutes like Gujarat Vidyapith are significant places of interest for the visitors to the district of Rajkot.

Last Updated on 07/06/2013