Watson Museum

Watson Museum, located in the Jubilee Gardens, was established in the year 1888. Watson Museum is dedicated to Colonel James Watson. The Watson Museum is one of the important tourist attractions of Rajkot that witnesses a huge tourist traffic every year.

The Watson Museum of Rajkot is a memorial of Colonel James Watson, a political agent of Saurashtra. The Watson Museum at Rajkot is known for housing a huge collection of ancient and traditional artefacts. The museum of Rajkot exhibits the cultural heritage of Saurashtra. Among the exhibits of the Watson Museum in Rajkot, there are:
  • 13th century carvings
  • Tribal costumes
  • Temple statues
  • Silverwares
  • Natural history exhibits
  • Ancient coins
  • Textiles
The huge marble statue of Queen Victoria is among the precious possessions of the museum. Besides, the Watson Museum in Rajkot also contains a number of artefact dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization. The artefact from Mohenjodaro forms the major attraction of the Watson Museum of Rajkot.

The Watson Museum also contains a rare collection of books. The books exhibited in the Watson Museum provide a glimpse of the socio-cultural aspect of the society of Saurashtra. In fact, the Watson Museum and Library reveals the cultural traditions of Saurashtra.

Last Updated on 07/06/2013