Ranchi Tourism

The natural beauty of Ranchi has contributed to the growth of Ranchi tourism. Many tourists from all parts of the world travel to Ranchi every year to enjoy the attractions of the city and its neighborhood . There are many temples, falls and wildlife sanctuaries in Ranchi that have attracted many tourists for years.

The roadways, railways and the airways contribute further to the promotion of Ranchi tourism. Tourists from different parts of the country can conveniently reach the city. The hotels in Ranchi provide accommodation to all the visitors of the place. There are luxury hotels as well as budget hotels in Ranchi that enable the tourists from all quarters of the society to enjoy the tourism in Ranchi. The department of tourism in Jharkhand plays a responsible role in the promotion of tourism in Ranchi.

Ranchi Attractions

One of the main Ranchi attractions is the Sun Temple. The Sun Temple is located in the downtown of Ranchi, Bhundu. There are daily bus services as well as jeep services that help the tourists to reach this temple. In the temple the tourists can enjoy the sight of a chariot with 18 wheels. Seven wooden horses are attached to the chariot. This unique construction is completely handmade. The pilgrims from all the corners of the country flock to this temple during the festival of 'Rath Yatra' in the month of July. Some of the other Ranchi attractions include the Hundru Falls and the Tagore Hill.

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Last Updated on 19/06/2013