Ranchi Pilgrimage

Ranchi Pilgrimage includes visiting the capital city of Jharkhand, which encompasses many temples and religious places. During Ranchi Pilgrimage, people visit these temples, many of which are more than a thousand years old.

For Ranchi pilgrimage, people can reach the city easily through roadways, railways and airways. People can reach the city via Ranchi Airport. The railway station at Ranchi is well connected to other important cities of the country. Pilgrimage to Ranchi can also be arranged through roadways from the nearby major cities like Bokaro, Jamshedpur or Tatanagar, Patna, Dhanbad, Gaya and Daltonganj.

Ranchi Temples

There are many temples in Ranchi, which are highly famous among the Hindu devotees across the country. These temples at Ranchi also attract a number of tourists, who visit the place every year. During religious occasions and festivals, pilgrims from all the corners of the country gather at the temples located in Ranchi. Some of the most famous Ranchi Temples are:
  • Surya Temple
  • Pahari Temple
  • Jagannathpur Temple
  • Rajrappa Mandir
  • Bhawani Shankar Mandir
  • Durga Badi
  • T B Sanatorium
  • Ramakrishna Mission and Ashram
  • Dewri Temple
  • Ginjo Thakur Gaon
  • Ramakrishna Mission Ashram
  • Parasnath or Shikharjee
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Last Updated on 19/06/2013