Ranchi Wildlife Sanctuaries

Ranchi Wildlife Sanctuaries account for drawing a large number of visitors from various corners of the country. These wildlife sanctuaries in Ranchi have played a major role in promoting tourism in the city as well the state of Jharkhand. It is a must to visit the wildlife sanctuaries of Ranchi during ones tour to the city.

The wildlife sanctuaries are large areas of protected land with the aim of endangered species of plants and animals are protected. Ranchi wildlife sanctuaries provide abode for animals like elephants, tigers, wild boars, pythons and bison. People can visit the sanctuaries by paying a nominal fee. The authority of the forests can take them to the deep of the forests in their jeep, which is equipped with protective measures. All the wildlife sanctuaries of Ranchi can be easily accessed from the main city. Adventure lovers find these sanctuaries highly interesting, where they can encounter fierce beasts amidst free nature.

Some of the noted Ranchi wildlife Sanctuaries are mentioned below:
  • Betla National Park: this national park spread over an area of 250 square kilometer is located on the Ranchi-Daltonganj Road. Wildlife found in this park include tigers, elephants, sambhars wild boar, pythons, bison or gaur, spotted deer, langur, rhesus, blue bulls, wolf, mongoose, antelope and giant squirrel.

  • Jaivik Udyan or Zoological Park: this park is situated at a distance of 16 kilometer from the city, Ranchi on the Ranchi-Patna road. Located near Ormanjhi, this place is visited by many people every year.

  • Hazaribagh National Park: this national park is situated 135 kilometer away from Ranchi. Animals found in this forest include panthers, spotted deer, sambhars, tigers and bison.

Last Updated on 19/06/2013