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Ranchi Tourism

Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand in India. Earlier the city was not really developed; it was covered with lush green forests. But since the city has been developing there is an evident decrease in the number of trees and forest areas. Ranchi is also known as the "city of waterfalls". Ranchi Travel Guide helps you with the history, tourism, demographics and FAQs about Ranchi.

Ranchi is a city which is quite close to the nature and is also developing in terms of the trade. Though the city is still developing but Ranchi has not lost its simplicity.

There are many reasons that attract tourists every year. Many visit for trade and commerce purpose and some for leisure purpose.

Demographics of Ranchi
Time Zone Indian Standard Time (UTC+5:30)
Territory Jharkhand
Population 11,26,741 (2011)
Area 175.12 square kilometers
Main languages English and Hindi are the official languages
Telephone code +0651
Elevation 729 meters

Best time to visit Ranchi

The best time to visit the city of Ranchi is from the months of September to May, in these particular months the weather of this city is quite pleasant. So it is advisable to visit the city in these months of the year if one is planning a vacation to Ranchi.

Though the city is still developing, so the trip around the city is not an expensive affair, and there are not much places to see in the city, so the overall vacation trip around the city may take a week or so.

The people in and around Ranchi are quite friendly, so there is no problem of stay in this city. There is accommodation available from the low fares going as high as five star hotels. As concluded the overall stay at Ranchi is a pleasurable experience.

Ranchi Travel Tips

  • One must be careful while driving in the city as the roads are congested with heavy traffic.
  • Avoid visiting the restricted areas in the city without prior permissions and also check with the local people about the laws and orders of the region, if any.
  • Respect the local culture and sentiments of the regional people.

How to reach Ranchi

How to reach Ranchi is not a problem question as this city is very well connected through roadways, railways and airways, and there are regular flights available from almost all the major states and cities. Ranchi has its own railway station, bus stand and airport.

So connectivity through all means of transportation is easily available.

By Air

Airways facilities are also available in the city of Ranchi. Birsa Munda Airport is the major airport of the city that avails flights to all the major states and cities. It is the fastest and the most convenient way to reach Ranchi.

By Rail

The city of Ranchi is very well connected to all the major states and cities through railways. Ranchi railway station is the major and the closest railway station to Ranchi, apart from the Ranchi railway station there are few other local railway station in the city.

By road

There is no problem of connectivity within the city and with other states and cities. The city of Ranchi is well connected through roadways. NH 23 and NH 33 passes through Ranchi.

Travelling by Ranchi roads is a pleasurable experience. Local transports are easily available within the city like auto, buses, etc.

Distance to Ranchi
  • From delhi - 1162 KM
  • From indore - 1255 KM
  • From kolkata - 409 KM
  • From jamshedpur - 132 KM
  • From hyderabad - 1348 KM
  • From mumbai - 1770 KM
Ranchi Distance Chart

Shopping in Ranchi

Though Ranchi is not a paradise for shopaholics but still there are many things that one can shop for. Famous brands like pantaloons, reliance trends, and many more are there. Find out what is shopping in Ranchi all about.

There are many new branded showrooms that are opening shortly in the city. There are 4 multiplexes that are there in the city which includes fun cinemas. There is also an option for local markets in the city.

Local handicraft products are what to be bought from these markets. There are also many eating joints in the city of Ranchi, both for the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Famous eating outlets like KFC, Dominos and many more are available in the Ranchi.

Markets in Ranchi

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