Nakshatra Van

Nakshatra Van is a park established in Ranchi by the Jharkhand Forest Department. The park was inaugerated in the year 2004. This park is located in front of the Jharkhand Raj Bhawan. There are quite a few special attractions of the park, which are:

  • Children Park
  • Central Musical Fountain
  • Zodiac Trees planted in a circle
  • Flower Garden
  • Medicinal Plants Library
  • Medicinal plants Garden
  • Artificial Water Fall and Bridge
  • Boating in Nakshatra Van water tank
  • Sleeping statue of Dhanvantri
The trees in the Nakshatra Van of Ranchi are planted in a particular manner, which has bestowed a unique feature to the garden. There is a big circle in the center of the park. Trees are planted in straight lines in different segments of the circle. Each sector resembles a specific zodiac sign.

The main aim of building the Nakshatra Van at Ranchi was to build greeneries in the middle of the city. It also serves as a beautiful meeting place for people in the midst of natural ambiance. In other words, the Nakshatra Van is a blend of mythology, science and environment. People visiting the place can also get information about the celestial bodies, medicinal value and zodiac signs. seating arrangements are made in various designs for the common people. The maintenance and security of the Nakshatra Van Ranchi is looked after by the Jharkhand State Forest Development Corporation.

Last Updated on 19/06/2013