Resources Maps of India

Different kinds of Resources Maps of India

The kinds of Resources Maps of India are co-related with the kinds of natural and created resources available in the country of India.
The different natural resources in India include:

  • Mineral
  • Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Power or Energy
Based on the above mentioned resources, the maps on Indian natural resources can be of the following types:

  • Mineral Maps of India
  • Power or Energy Maps of India
  • Oil Maps of India
  • Natural Gas Maps of India
Besides these, there are some other Resources Maps of India, which are Agriculture Maps of India, Non-Conventional Energy Maps of India and Water Resource Maps of India.

Keeping aside all these types of Resources Maps, on a broader aspect, the Resources Maps of India can be categorized into four following types:

  • Agriculture Maps of India
  • India Power Maps of India
  • Mineral Maps of India
  • Non-Conventional Energy Maps of India

Importance of Resources Maps of India

Though the importance varies from one specific map to another, a map has always helped people in their studies, research as well as in the enhancement of knowledge. A map on resources of India is not an exception. Since, its invention, the resource maps of India has helped students and even common people to gain idea about the different kinds of resources available in the country. These kinds of maps even give an overview about which place is rich in which kind of natural resources. Besides this, the pictorial representation of the required information helps one understand and remember the details more easily than by just reading that information from a book.

Importance of Agriculture Maps of India in Studies

Agriculture Maps of India generally shows the agriculture wise division of India based on the different kinds of agricultural production. India, being an agricultural country has got different kinds of agriculture maps. Some agriculture maps even show the region wise division of a particular agriculture. This helps a person to gather detailed information about that agricultural product. For example, in case we need to know which state is the highest producer of wheat, an Agriculture Map of India is the best map to refer to.

Importance of Power Maps of India in Studies

Power Maps of India, shows the different types of power projects of India. Power maps like any other maps can be of several types. They usually show either the project wise division of the country or state wise division of the different prevalent power projects. By looking in these maps, one comes to know about which state or which part of India is the major location of power projects. Besides being of great help to a research associate, these kinds of maps even help one analyze and identify the prospective area for new power projects in India.

Importance of Mineral Maps of India in Studies

Mineral Maps of India can be of several types since; the country of India is rich in mineral resources. Different types of mineral maps include mineral wise division of the entire country, maps showing coal mines in India, state wise and even district wise division of the available mineral resources. Depending on the requirement or goal of the study, these maps help one to gather detailed information regarding the different types of mineral resources in the nation. For example, if one needs to know which is regarded as the coal belt of India, the Coalfield Maps of India are the best map to look into.

Importance of Non-Conventional Energy Maps of India in Studies

Non-Conventional Energy Maps of India mainly helps one in identifying the places, which are home to the Non-Conventional Energy plants or power stations in the country. Through this kind of map one can even locate a specific power station of Non-Conventional Energy in India. A student will easily gain knowledge about numerous other information like which state has got the highest number of Solar Power Projects or which part of the nation has got the lowest count of Wind Monitoring Stations or which provinces of India are known for Geothermal Power Station.

How to access Resources Maps of India?

The Resources Maps of India can be accessed in two main ways, either in the printed form or online. These maps published by the Geological Survey of India are easily available in any good book stores of every city. Access of these resource maps has been made much easier by internet as well.

Last Updated on 19 September 2011



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