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Places to Visit in Courtallam

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Courtallam is the town situated at an elevation of 160 meters (520 ft) on the Western Ghats in Tiruneveli District in Tamil Nadu. Rivers such as Chittar River, the Manimuthar River, the Pachaiyar River and few such perennial rivers flow in this region and many seasonal rivers are also a part of this town.

The place is also known as the spa of South India because of the number of waterfalls and resorts that are present in that area and the place is quite close to the nature and is very pleasing also. According to the 2001 census, Courtallam had a small population of 2368, comprising of 49% of males and 51% of females and also the literacy rate is quite high that is 75% which is even higher than the national literacy rate. The majority of the population is Tamil, though the place is quite near to Kerala. Other than natural beauty the place is also very close to the religious beliefs of the people. Along with the waterfalls there are many temples as well, in the city.

The place is famous for its waterfalls; there are nine waterfalls in total. The waterfall sights are extremely beautiful. The town is a paradise for nature lovers. There are also many places that one can explore on his visit to the city. The city has something to offer to everyone who visit it.

Best Time to visit

June to September and October to January

Places to see in and around Courtallam

  • Peraruvi- This waterfall flows from 130 feet that is 60 meters above the ground level and the bathing in this waterfall is available throughout the day. That means 24 hour bathing is available at this waterfall. Kutraleeshwara Temple is quite close to the Main Falls so as a part of their offerings to the Lord Kutraleeshwara in whose memory the temple is built take a dip in the holy water. This fall is also known as the Main Fall.

  • Chitraruvi- This is the thinner waterfall as compared to the Main Falls. There are naturally separate places for both men and women to take bathe. This waterfall is also known as Small Falls and is located at the side of Main Falls.

  • Shenbagadevi- This waterfall is lead by the Chitraruvi Falls. And it takes 30 minutes trekking to reach this waterfall and this place is generally restricted in peak due to the risk of floods. Nearby there is also a temple named Shenbagadevi temple which is dedicated to Shenabagadevi Amman.

  • Thenaruvi- This is considered to be the first waterfall of this place so the water of it is considered to be pure and pious. And it takes 2 hour trekking to reach this place. This is situated above Shenbagadevi. And even this place is restricted during the peak seasons due to the risk of floods. This waterfall is also known as the Honey Falls.

  • Aintharuvi- This fall is also known as the Five Falls. This is the most visited waterfall among the others. Here one can enjoy to the fullest along with the crowd while taking bathe in this waterfall. This significance of this waterfall is that while falling the water splits into five branches so the place is known Five Falls.

  • Pazhaya Courtallam Aruvi- This waterfall is also known as Old Courtallam Falls. The specialty of this waterfall was that the water used to fall in the valley from between the two rocks. For some time the waterfall was closed and the rocks were broken so as to change the course of water flow. But again once the construction was over the waterfall was again opened.

  • Tiger Falls- This waterfall is also known as Puli Aruvi and is artificially constructed and the water of it is used for irrigation. This waterfall is constructed between the Main Falls and Old Courtallam. As the waterfall is a private property so to take bathe here once has to shell out some money.

  • There are many places that one sees that are situated near the Courtallam Tenkasi which is a town situated in the foothills of Western Ghats. Also the temples which are there in this city are very renowned. Not only waterfalls but this place is also famous for its temples. It is a paradise for both nature lovers as well as the religious people.

How to Reach Courtallam

Nearest Airport

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Last Updated on : January 13, 2014