Tamil Nadu Food

The delectable palate of Tamil Nadu Food has a great demand among the connoisseurs of cuisines. Tourists coming from every part of the globe want to experience the exquisite taste of the various dishes of Tamil Nadu that are available in numerous eateries and restaurants of the place.

Topping the list of lip smacking dishes is the Chettinad recipe of Tamil Nadu that offers a spicy variety of non-vegetarian plates. Chicken, mutton and fish are the prime ingredients of this dish.

Without the mention of sambar, doasai, rasam and idli, the culinary index of Tamil Nadu is quite incomplete. So those who want to taste the typical south Indian delicacies, the snack joints and hotels offer the heavily stuffed vegetarian dosas with coconut chutneys.

Apart from the regular rice meals, the special thalis of vegetarian dishes of Tamil Nadu are also quite popular among the tourists. The thalis generally comprise upma, curd rice, and a sweet dish. Pongal, being synonymous with the famous festival of the region is one of the favorite desserts of Tamil Nadu.

A major tourist hub of India, Tamil Nadu also offers an appetizing range of inter-continental cuisines. From Mughlai to Korean, the restaurants of Tamil Nadu are never short of innovative dishes that satisfies the taste buds of each and every tourist with equal ease.

Among the special drinks of the place, the filter coffee of Tamil Nadu is one of the widely tasted exclusive drinks. Made of coffee powder, milk, sugar and boiling water, the coffee has a distinct taste altogether due to the special mixing and filtration process.

Be it the Tamil specialties, the Chinese extravaganza or the Thai and Korean cuisine, Tamil Nadu serves its visitors with the best of the global menus.

Last Updated on 1/17/2011