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Places to Visit in Pudukkottai

Pudukkottai Tourism

Pudukkottai is a municipality and town in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The town is famous for being the hometown of Gemini Ganesan, the famous Tamil film star of the yesteryears. In January 1974, the district of the same name was created from the Thanjavur and Tiruchirappalli districts.


There are several options when it comes to shopping in Pudukkottai. The place has a number of shopping malls and complexes, offering everything from indigenous items to branded articles. Some of the noteworthy places to shop at are American Shopping (near New Bus Stand), London Shopping Park (East Main Street), Subbaiya Nadar Complex (National Highway 226), and others.

Places to see in and around Pudukkottai

  • Government Museum in Thirukkokarnam- The government museum lies at a distance of only 5 km from Pudukkottai. It houses an assortment of rare articles in the domains art and science.
  • Kumaramalai- This place of worship is dedicated to Lord Muruga and lies at a distance of around 10 km from Pudukkottai. Lying atop a small mountain the temple is famous for its sacred tank waters.
  • Kodumbaalur- Lying at a distance of 35 km from Pudukottai on Kudimiyan-Manapparai Road it is known to have an extensive history. At the time of the Chola dynasty it was believed that this village was bequeathed by Rani Mangammal to Lakshmi Narasimhaya her military commander. Therefore it is also known as "Mangammal Chatram".
  • Sittannavasal- This area is known for its cave paintings.
  • Avur- Avur is one of the popular traveler destinations close to Pudukottai and is worth visiting during your trip to this place. Located at a distance of just 28 km from the town Avur houses an imposing cathedral and it is possibly the first cathedral in the whole district which was constructed in 1547 by Father John Venantius Bouchet.
  • Kudimiyanmalai or Kudumianmalai-Kudumianmalai is just 20 Km away from Pudukkottai. The principal god worshiped in this mandir is Sikhagiriswarar. The temple is famous for its stunning figurines of the Gods and various spiritual writings. There is a hall in the temple which has 1000 pillars.
  • Kodumbalur- Kudumbalur lies at a distance of 42 Km from Thiruchirappalli and 36 Km from Pudukkottai. The place was the erstwhile center of administration of the Irukkuvelirs who are linked with the rulers of the Chola dynasty.
  • Viralimalai temple- The Viralimalai temple was constructed in the 15th century. It was created to worship Lord Muruga and lies on a small mountain. This place of worship is located at a distance of 40 km from Pudukkottai. The area also houses a peacock sanctuary.
  • Thirumayam- Thirumayam houses the Uoomayan Kottai Fort. The top tourist draws of this place are the cave temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Satyamurti) and Lord Shiva (Satyagiriswarar) together with the citadel. The citadel had a key role in the period of the British dominion and monarchs belonging to the Tondaiman dynasty.
  • Thirukattalai- Lying at distance of 5 km from Pudukottai this temple is one of its kind in the place which takes you back to the historic Chola period of the state. Aditya Chola constructed this temple and it is famous for its architecture and design.
  • Narthamalai- Narthamalai the erstwhile capital of the Mutharaiyar rulers and lies at a distance of 17 km from Pudukkottai. The place is famous for its various Jain monasteries. Narthamalai also houses some uncommon aromatic plants and herbs that have remedial power like the Jathi tree and black gooseberry (Karunelli) in the jungles.
  • Rock Fort Temple- The Rock Fort temple compound is home to three temples - the Manikka Vinayakar temple; the Uchhi Pillayar Koyil and the Shivastalam (Taayumaanavar Koyil). It is located in Thiruchirapalli or Trichy.
  • Avudaiyar Kovil- This temple is located at a distance of 40 km from Pudukkottai. Another name of this temple is Thiruperunthurai. The principal idol being worshiped in this temple is Atmanatha. One of the distinctive aspects of this mandir is that it houses no lingam in the place of worship and just the Avudayar or its foundation or base is devoted.
  • Kaliapatti- Known as "Ottai Koil" by the people of Pudukottai; falls en route for Keeranur-Killukottai which is a tiny village. There is a temple which bears testimony to the temple architecture of the state. The temple is not so big and has eight feet by eight feet place of worship and there is a small veranda on it. There are no pictures or portraits on the walls of the temple.
  • Kunnandaar Temple- This temple lies at a distance of 25 km from Pudukottai. This cave temple is situated on a mountain and features a place of worship and little mandap in front of that. Resting on the mountain there is a Subramaniar temple.
  • New Pool (Pudhu Kulam)
  • Sastharkovil-Famous for housing a number of deities
  • Anna Pannai
  • Thirugokarnam
  • St. Santhanamatha Church Amaradakki
  • Setti Kulam Alangudi
  • St. Sabastiyar Church Kolendiram
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Last Updated on : January 29, 2014