Government Medical College,Thrissur

The Government Medical College,Thrissur is one of the most well known colleges of Thrissur. that offer quality education in the field of medical science. This college has a lot of contribution in the health department of the district.

This educational institute is currently considered one of the most well known medical institutes of the entire state of Kerala. One can easily access this institute as it is situated at a distance of only 14 kms from Thrissur.

The Government Medical College of Thrissur was set up in the year 1982. This educational institute of Thrissur is under the authority of the Directorate of Medical Education, which is again under the state government of the state of Kerala. The total area covered by the Government Medical College, Thrissur is 250 acres.

The Government Medical College at Thrissur has a variety of medical courses on offer for the students of the district who want to pursue a career in the health sector. The major medical courses that are offered at Government Medical College in Thrissur are given below.
  • Post Graduate M.D. in Radio Diagnosis
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • MBBS
  • Course of Ophthalmic Assistant
  • Post Graduate MD in General Medicine
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory
  • Specialized Senior House Surgeoncy
  • Course of Certified Radiology Assistant
The students of the district of Thrissur who are interested to persue a career in the field of medical science often get admitted to this well reputed medical college of Kerala. This institute has created many qualified doctors of the region.

Last Updated on 03/06/2013