Sri Kerala Varma College, Thrissur

The Sri Kerala Varma College, Thrissur is one of the most well known colleges that are situated in the district. This college offers quality education to the young people of the place.

The Sri Kerala Varma College at Thrissur has got affiliation from the University of Calicut. This educational institute was set up in the year 1947, that is, the year of India's independence.

The bachelor of science degree is awarded in the following combinations of subjects in the Sri Kerala Varma College in Thrissur:
  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Mathematics, Physics and Statistics
  • Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
  • Zoology, Botany and Chemistry
  • Botany, Chemistry and Zoology
  • Statistics, Mathematics and Mathematical Economics
The institute offers bachelor of arts degree in a number of different subject combinations, which are as follows:
  • Economics, Modern Indian History and Political Science
  • English, World History and Social and Cultural History of Britain
  • Malayalam and Sanskrit
  • Politics, General Economics and World History
  • Hindi, Secretarial Drafting and Correspondence in Hindi, Sanskrit and Cultural History ofIndia
  • Philosophy, Abnormal Psychology, Political Science and Functional English
The students can also get enrolled for the Bachelor of Commerce and the Master of Commerce degrees in this college. One can avail the Master of Arts courses in English, Economics, Politics and Malayalam. The Sri Kerala Varma College, Thrissur also offers Master of Science course in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Polymer Chemistry.

The Sri Kerala Varma College of Thrissur is very popular among the students of the district of Thrissur in Kerala as it offers a number of courses in a variety of subjects. These courses help the students to build a career of their choice.

Last Updated on 03/06/2013