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Rajgir Tourism

Rajgir travel includes a visit through the ancient capital of the Magadha kings. Rajgir is one of the Buddhist pilgrimage sites of India, which attracts a number of tourists from across the world. It is a historical town 60 kilometers away from Patna and about 10 kilometers from Nalanda. Legend has it that Lord Mahavira lived in the town for nearly 14 years. As a result, a large number of devotees come to Rajgir to pay reverence to Lord Mahavira.

Apart from the religious importance, Rajgir is one of the famous destinations in Bihar that houses a number of tourist attractions. Some of the famous tourist sites that catches the attention of the travelers are Pippala Cave, Hot Springs, Venuvana, Vulture's Peak or Griddhakuta and Jain Temples. The Jain Temples are among the most important appeals of tour Rajgir. The Temples witness a huge tourist traffic during the festive season.

Owing to the strategic location of Rajgir, one can also come across numerous tourist destinations around the town. Among the popular getaways of Rajgir are Pawapuri, Swarajpur, Kundalpur, Nalanda and Bihar Sharif. Besides the tourist sites, Rajgir Dance Festival, Malamasa Mela and the festivities of Makar Sankranti also enriches the experience of travel Rajgir.

The ideal time to travel to Rajgir is between October and March. During these months the weather of the town remains quite pleasant. Tourists can avail the various modes of transportation in order to reach Rajgir. However, reaching Rajgir by rail is the most convenient option. Patna, the capital city of Bihar, is the nearest railway station of Rajgir. In order to arrive at Rajgir by rail, tourists can take a train to Patna and avail the local transport thereafter. Rajgir is well connected with Patna and various other cities of Bihar by a network of roads. Patna is also the nearest airport of Rajgir, which is served by a number of international and domestic flights. Some of the airlines operating in the airport of Patna are Kingfisher Airlines, Indian Airlines, Air Sahara, Jet Airways and Air Deccan.

How to Reach Rajgir

Rajgir is a major Buddhist destination in India. Devout Buddhists and also those who have interest in the evolution of Buddhism visit Rajgir in large numbers. The two rock-cut caves, which were the favorite retreats of lord Buddha, are major tourist attractions in Rajgir.

Once Rajgir was a prime seat of Buddhism and the capital of the mighty Magadha empire during Lord Buddha's lifetime. But the land today is a small village in Bihar.

By Air

Rajgir does not have an airport of its own. Although the nearest airport is Gaya, the most convenient one is the airport in Patna. Patna Airport is well linked to cities like Delhi, Mumbai by regular flights run by several airlines.

By Road

A very good road network connects Rajgir to Patna (102km), Nalanda (12 km) and Gaya (34km), which are in turn networked to many cities in the eastern India.

By Train

Rajgir has a railway station of its own, which is linked to Gaya. Several important trains from all parts of the country in turn service Gaya.

Shopping in Rajgir

Rajgir is a famous pilgrimage site by virtue of its hallowed association with Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism and Lord Mahavir, the Jain prophet. In its heyday, Rajgir has served as the cradle of two major religions in India. Today the relics of its glorious past are the biggest tourist attractions in Rajgir.

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