Camping In India

Camping in India location Map

Camping in India location Map
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*Map showing camping spots in India. Disclaimer

Camping Spots in India

India, with its wide diversity of nature, is a wonderful camping destination for adventure-seekers. From the sandy regions in Rajasthan to the extreme terrains of Himalayan region, it has no shortage of variety when it comes to camping and trekking. The hills of Malabar in the southern part of the country also make for ideal camping destination. 

Let us explore some of the popular camping destinations in India.

Camping in Solang Valley, Manali

Camping in Solang Valley is a favourite with hikers and trekkers looking to explore the area. It is quite interesting to note that many camps are set up in the area and travelers love to spend some time in the tents while exploring the exquisite beauty of the place. Facilities of camping are available at different altitudes in the Solang Valley. If you choose camps in the base area, they are at a level of 2,400 metres, while camps at high altitudes will be at a height of 3,600 meters. Facilities in the camps vary from one another. While some of the camps provide luxurious staying and food facilities, some of them are more inclined towards the adventurous side of camping. Surrounded by lush green meadows and valleys, camping in Solang Valley, Manali is going to be an experience for lifetime.

Camping in Spiti Valley

You can choose from many camping destinations in the northern part of India but when it comes to exploring awesome natural beauty without chaos and crowd, nothing comes close to the Spiti Valley. Located at the banks of the Spiti river this valley offers you mind blowing view of the sun-bathed, snow-capped Himalayas. It is close to Ladakh and Tibet, and the influence of Buddhist culture is quite evident here. The amazing flora and fauna is another attraction apart from the mountain that will mesmerize your mind. You can stay in tents in the valley. Spiti Valley offers regional food mostly comprising Tibetan delicacies.

Camping in Chandertal Lake

If you want to lose yourself amidst nature with cascading rivers, towering snow-capped mountains and deep gorges, the Chandertal Lake is the place to be. Explore the Himalayan beauty at the place, where nature is untouched and comes in a pristine form. It is quite well understood from these facts that camping in Chandertal Lake will be a different experience completely. There are excellent facilities of camping on the banks of the Chandertal and Dankar Lakes. Located at an altitude of 4,300 metres above sea level, the Chandertal Lake is popularly known as the ‘Lake of Moon’ for its shape. Various kinds of rare plants and animal species have been found in the area. The best part is that the lake is untouched by the human civilization till now. The best time for camping in the area is the summer months.

Camping in Mussoorie

Located in Uttrakahnd’s Dehradun district, the pretty hill station of Mussoorie has attracted lost of travelers over the ages from various parts of the country. However, it is also an ideal destination for camping if you have a penchant for mountain regions. You can find regional camping service providers that offer well made tents with attached bathrooms. While you may get required amenities for camping, it is still prudent to carry medication, insect repellents and safety gear. There are spots like Surkhanda Devi Temple and Dhanaulti in the region that you can visit. A couple of days should be ideal for camping near or in Mussoorie.

Camping in Jaisalmer

If you thought that camping can only be done in mountains, here's a surprise. Desert camping is an extremely interesting thing. And you can have a taste of such camping in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Putting up camps amidst the sand dunes and seeing the changing colors of the same is a picturesque sight for sure. During camping in Jaisalmer, people can enjoy camel safaris on the Thar Desert. There are different kinds of tents on offer while camping in Jaisalmer with various kinds of facilities. Folk dances and traditional cultural items are also presented in the camps for entertaining the guests. Bonfires are also quite common while camping in the desert in Jaisalmer. While camping in a desert, you can feel two extreme climatic conditions in a single day – immense heat during the day and chilling cold at night.

Camping in Kolad

If you're looking for an ideal camping destination in Maharashtra, away from the clutter of urban life, the village named Kolad in Raigad will be suited. You will have plenty of options at Kolad for camping and adventure sports activities. Try to avoid the monsoon, though. The Kundlika River makes an ideal destination for river rafting. From Mumbai it is only two hours' distance and a couple of days of camping would be adequate. There are several adventure camping service agencies in the region you can pick from.  There are plenty of sightseeing options, including Sutarwadi Lake and Ghosala Fort. Kuda caves are also visited by the adventure-loving.

Camping in Coorg

Trekkers to Coorg make sure that they enjoy camping in the area as well. Camping can be done by the riverside, amidst the vast plantations or in the jungle. Choose the location that seems most interesting to you. Coorg offers extensive natural beauty to travelers with lush vegetation on the hillsides, expansive areas of coffee plantations and rivers rustling by. While camping in Coorg, there are wide varieties of activities to indulge in, like waterfall rappelling, mountain drives, canoeing and kayaking in the rivers, trekking to the highest altitude in Coorg, and so on. Nighttime is extremely interesting while camping in Coorg. Along with exploring jungle trails, you can also enjoy a nice campfire. Some of the camps also offer facilities of sky gazing with telescopes. The overall experience is unique.

Camping in Pushkar

Located in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district, Pushkar is a pilgrimage town that has also become famous for its camel fair and numerous temples. If you have a penchant for camping amidst luxury in desert regions, it will be suitable. There are luxury camp providers that offer air-conditioned tents with all modern amenities. The agencies also offer integrated camel safaris in their packages, which can be an enthralling experience. The price of these varies according to time of the year. If you visit the town during any festival or camel fair, naturally the charges will be on higher side.

Camping in Sonamarg

Jammu and Kashmir in India are ideal destinations for trekkers and hikers as they can explore the Himalayas excellently in these places. If you are looking for camping in the area, there is no better place than Sonamarg for that. Referred to as the ‘Meadow of Gold’, Sonamarg can leave you mesmerized to no extent. The snow-clad mountain peaks, the gorges, the valleys and the natural settings of the place can soothe your mind and body in a great way. Sonamarg is also a base camp for pilgrims who are going for the Amarnath Yatra. A trip to Nilagrad is an integral part of camping in Sonamarg. The grasslands of Baltal are also a great spot for camping in Sonamarg. The exotic experience of camping in Sonamarg is beyond expression and one has to visit the place for the real feel.

Camping in Anjuna

While Anjuna is not one of the most picturesque or serene beaches in Goa, it is thronged by party lovers and tourists. If you are fond of camping in an island setting where sound of sea waves can be heard every now and then, it can be your choice. The colorful rocks scattered all over the beach gives it distinct characteristics. You can go to Mapusa town and from there local bus to Anjuna is available. If you go on Wednesday, you get the chance to explore the flea market. Even if you do not carry food, nearby restaurants and bars can fit your needs.

Camping in Ladakh

Ladakh is a favorite destination with adventure-loving people like trekkers and hikers. Popularly known as ‘Moon Land’, Ladakh is an excellent place for camping. Exploring the whole Himalayan range of mighty mountains, thick and lush vegetation by the mountain sides, flowing rivers, and deep gorges is possible while camping in Ladakh. Majority of the camps are located at an elevation of 2,750 to 7,673 metres. While camping in Ladakh, take a look at the sky during the sky. You will be amazed to see that the sky changes color almost every hour. Taking a natural tour of the place, hiking, and fishing are some of the activities that you can enjoy while camping in the area. Camping can be best enjoyed in Ladakh from June to October. Some of the popular places of camping in Ladakh include Leh–Hemis via Nubra Valley, Zanskar Valley, Leh–Karzok–Nubra, Sham Valley, and so on.

Camping in Joshimath

Located in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal division, Joshimath is one of the important pilgrimage centers in India which is also ideal for trekking and camping activities. Its origin dates back to 8th century and as per mythology and legends, it was set up by Guru Sri Shankaracharya. Below Joshimath, the two famous rivers Alkananda and Dhauliganga merge and the hilly terrain and breathtaking natural beauty makes the place ideal for adventure lovers. For camping activities and trekking, the ideal time is between July and September. You can reach Joshimath for camping from Rishikesh through bus route. It is advisable that you carry and buy stuff from Rishikesh for camping in Joshimath.

Camping in Ramnagar

Ramnagar is a favorite destination for people who are extremely interested in adventure sports activities like rock-climbing and chimney-climbing. Located at an altitude of 747 metres above sea level, Ramnagar is a deep valley located in close quarters to Bangalore. The rocky and steep mountains of the place have made it a paradise for rock-climbers, and innumerable climbers come here to indulge in the adventurous sport. Along with rock climbing, Ramnagar is also famous for trekking and rappelling. The cliffs are quite steep and almost 60-70 feet high. Camping in Ramnagar will remain incomplete without these adventure sports activities. It is quite interesting to find out that this place is a favorite shooting destination for various movies. Single-day camping is enough for exploring Ramnagar.

Camping in Sawai Madhopur

Sawai Madhopur city, named after Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh I, has turned out to be a major tourist attraction, owing to its vicinity to the Ranthambhor National Park and Fort. The national park is 11 km away from the city and the Fort’s origin is uncertain. You can pick Sawai Madhopur for camping and adventure activities. It is reachable from Delhi and Jaipur by train. There are some tented accommodations and you can head to the excellent camping site Balas. It is on the Sawai Madhopur-Kalibhat road and just 9 km from the city. The camping site is protected with fences. The landscape and flora and fauna available at the place are simply amazing.

Camping in Manvar

Manvar is an ideal destination for people who are interested in desert camping. In this camping, the beauty of the Thar Desert can be captured in an excellent manner. It is also quite interesting to see that the tents for the camp are placed quite far off from villages. Therefore, there is complete solitude and serenity prevailing in the place. There are many tents camped in a semi-circular shape in Manvar. The center is the place where folk dances, music and camp fires are organized for the campers. Each tent in the camp is set up in such a manner that a great part of the Thar Desert can be seen from there. The sunset and sunrise, the jeep safari and the camel trek through the sand in Manvar are experiences to be cherished for lifetime.

Camping in Gir National Park

Gujarat’s Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for being the home of Asiatic lions but it is also home to a large leopard population. The 1,412 sq km sanctuary is ideal for camping activities for nature and animal lovers. It is located in the state’s southwest part. Apart from these two predators, you can find animals like jackal, four-horned antelope, sambar deer and birds like paradise flycatcher. You can opt for tented accommodations at the Lion Safari Camp, an enchanting wildlife camp, as well as other lodges. There are separate places for enjoying campfire as well. Using electricity sparingly is advisable as it is mostly solar powered. The best time to visit Gir is the months between November and June. To reach Gir, you can use nearby stations Veraval and Junagarh.

Camping in Kanha National Park

Camping in Kanha National Park is real fun with exploring the whole national park from such close quarters and interacting with the flora and fauna of the place. The camp in the Kanha National Park is known as Kipling Camp and is considered as one of the finest and best wildlife camps in India. The best thing about the camp is its location and simplicity. Attempts have been taken to restore the complete ambience of the jungle. Guests intending camping in Kanha National Park can have a wonderful time in the camp as the atmosphere is a perfect one. There is a personal touch to every small thing and it makes the experience all the more special. Night in the camp is the most interesting time when you can enjoy by the campfire and listen to the different sounds coming from the jungle.

Camping in Glenburn Tea Estate

If you are dreaming of a wonderful camping experience amidst hilly terrain and vicinity of tea orchards, Darjeeling’s Glenburn tea estate will be suited for your needs. The nice thing about this campsite is that it does not have extreme temperature drops, making it suitable for trip yearlong. However, for clearer mountain views and enjoying proximity to flora and fauna, months from October to March would be ideal. Flights from Kolkata airport to Bagdogra are available through a number of airlines and rail route is another option. To ensure your camping at the tea estate is enjoyable carry insect repellents and medication. After reaching the Glenburn campsite you can indulge in activities like fishing, beach sports and bird watching. You can also enjoy short walks along the riverside. Details of package and camping availability can be found on Glenburn tea estate website.

Camping in Kalijhora

If you are interested in camping by a river, then camping in Kalijhora is a great option. Located on the Sikkim-Bengal highway, Kalijhora is a small village in the district of Darjeeling. The camping area is large in Kalijhora, spreading to an area of almost 5 acres. The mighty river Teesta flows past the camping area and makes the place very beautiful. Different kinds of activities can be enjoyed while camping in Kalijhora. Since the Teesta is nearby the area, interested people can enjoy river rafting. Along with this, the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary can be reached from the camp with the help of short treks. The jungle-safari during camping is also an interesting activity in which you can participate. For the less-adventurous souls, there are facilities of bird watching in Kalijhora.

Camping in the Cardamom Hills 

Located at the picturesque and geographically diverse terrain of Western Ghats, the Cardamom Hills owe the name to abundance of this exotic spice that is harvested there. The Periyar sub-cluster, Cardamom Hills is a UNESCO certified World Heritage site. It is an area where several protected and endangered species live, and human access is therefore restricted. For wildlife camping experience, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is ideal. You can enjoy nature trails which let you gaze at the flora and fauna of the place from up close. You can put up at tents located on Periyar River banks. 

Camping in Wayanad

Wayanad is a popular camping destination in the northeast of Kerala. The place abounds in immense natural beauty as it is situated high on the Western Ghats. The elevation of the place is in the range of 700-2,100 meters. There are many landscape features, which are the specialty of Wayanad – the steep slopes and cliffs of the rugged Western Ghats, the dense jungles and really deep valleys. Large part of the place is covered with thick vegetation and forests. Camping in Wayanad can be done by the side of the Kabini River and its tributaries – the Kalindy, Panamaram and the Mananthavady Rivers. The Banasura Sagar Dam is a popular spot and is built on one of the three tributaries. Camping can also be done in Wayanad by the many mountains in the area.

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