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Honeymoon Destinations in India

A honeymoon is the most important phase in the life of a newly wedded couple. A well planned honeymoon does not only act as a stress buster but brings you extremely close to that one person whom you have vowed to spend the rest of your life with. A well chosen destination adds to the entire experience of a new world that you are entering into.

India is home to several ideal honeymoon destinations. Whether you are the romantic sorts or the adventurous kind India offers abundant destinations for you that are sure to leave you craving for more. The many honeymoon India Destinations are perfect places to spend a blissful holiday with you partner

The popular Honeymoon India Destinations are categorized as follows;
  • Hill Stations in India
  • Beach Destinations in India
  • Backwater Destinations in India
  • Historical Destinations in India
  • Wildlife Destinations in India
Let's have a look at some of the popular honeymoon destinations in India


Shimla is one of the most popular hill stations in northern India. Frequented by honeymoon couples from all across the globe Shimla is the indispensable choice for most of the newly weds. A seamless concoction of picturesque locales, gushing water streams, snow clad hills and mesmerizing colonial buildings Shimla is undoubtedly one of the best Honeymoon India Destinations. More Detail...


If long expanses of pristine beaches are your type then Lakshadweep is just the right place for a perfect honeymoon in India. Nothing less than ethereal the Lakshadeep islands are paradise for the nature lover. Clean and calm surroundings, aqua marine waters, unique flora and fauna and a number of water sports is what makes Lakshadeep the perfect Honeymoon Destination in India.


If you really want to get cozy with your beloved then there is no better place in India than Goa. A hot favorite of both Indian and foreign tourists Goa is home to some of the most happening beaches in the world. Divided into North and South the state is home to both fun filled as well as calm and serene beaches. The secluded beaches of Goa offer the most idyllic setting for the ultimate romantic evening. More Detail...


Synonymous with the backwaters Kerala is among the top honeymoon destination in India. Engulfed in natural beauty Kerala boasts of unmatched tropical beauty, pristine riverbeds, enthralling house boats, swaying palm trees and captivating landscapes. The best thing about Kerala is that the state is home to both hill stations and beaches. More Detail...


Another prominent honeymoon destination in India Rajasthan is home to some of the finest historical monuments, palaces and wildlife sanctuaries. If you really want to gift you partner a luxurious honeymoon then Rajasthan is just the right destination. Udaipur which is said to be the most romantic place in India is nothing less than a dream come true. For the wildlife enthusiastic couple Rajasthan offers camel rides, jeep safaris and abundant flora and fauna.

A beautiful honeymoon is the dream of every newly married couple. Since marriage is the union of two people who promise to live with each other for the rest of their lives it is very essential that the start is good. After a hectic marriage especially if it is an Indian wedding it is of prime importance that the bride and groom are given a chance to relax in each others company. The importance of a honeymoon is immense as it lays the platform for a strong foundation where two people get to know each other in complete solitude. Privacy is something that most newly weds are in search off and if they get the opportunity to spend private moments of love and togetherness amidst favorable surroundings then there is nothing like it.

Plans for a romantic honeymoon should be made well in advance. There are numerous tour operators in and across the country that offer a multitude of romantic getaways for the newly married. In order to make your honeymoon a once in a lifetime experience it is essential to select the right destination or tour package. The tour packages are designed according to the preferences of the couples. If you are the adventurous kinds then you can travel to the Bahamas or if you enjoy soft and serene surroundings then you can head towards the Andaman and the Nicobar Islands. Budget is also something that cannot be overlooked while planning a honeymoon. Most of the honeymoon packages today are tailor made and designed according to the pockets of the honeymoon seekers.

India is undoubtedly a couple's paradise. The gripping mysticism, abundant flora and fauna and unusual topography make India a perfect honeymoon destination. Ranging from beaches to wildlife sanctuaries to places of historical significance India offers it all. If you want to cherish the memories of your honeymoon for the rest of your life then you can select the mesmerizing hills of Kashmir, the attractive Kerala backwaters, the pristine beaches of Goa, the historical Caves of Ajanta and Ellora, the quaint hillocks of Nainital or the sophisticated royalty of Rajasthan. India is just not restricted to the above mentioned places instead the country offers abundant tourist spots that are known for their beauty. Some of the other important places in India are; Coorg, Munnar, Leh, Dehradoon, Mysore, and Darjeeling. These panoramic places in India have been casting spells on the minds of the cupid struck for over decades now. A honeymoon in India definitely promises a memorable stay.

There are a host of other places in the world also that promise a memorable honeymoon. Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations across the globe include; Malaysia, Singapore, Seychelles, Italy, Thailand or the Caribbean Islands. These destinations transform dreams into reality. Whether it is the azure waters of the Caribbean or the powdery white sands of Seychelles these honeymoon destinations just make for an ideal romantic retreat.

Honeymoon Ideas

Honeymoon is the most romantic holiday in one's life. After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom may need some alone-time with each other and honeymoon is the occasion, which bring two individual closer and make their bond stronger. A honeymoon is a lifetime holiday for a couple. For this reason, you may need to put some extra effort to make it special. An extensive research can make your honeymoon a perfect one. There is plethora of honeymoon ideas, which you can avail. However, whatever idea you go with, it should match up with your budget and preference. Moreover, the honeymoon idea should be chosen by both the partners.

Do you like forests, rainforests, and wildlife? You can easily avail wildlife tours for your holiday. There are a number of destinations in the world, which can be the ideal place for different kinds of holidays. For example, Australia is famous for beach holidays, but at the same time, you can enjoy exotic wildlife adventure tours in this country. National Forests are also popular for adventure tours. For a peaceful and romantic vacation, you can avail bird-watching session during your holiday.

Cruise honeymoon

Cruise trips are one of the exotic honeymoon ideas in the world. Cruise trips can be of two types: Ocean cruises and Sea cruises. If you van afford a high budgeted cruise tour, you can go for the sea cruises. If you have shortage of time and money, you can avail river cruises. River cruises are the most romantic way to watch your city in a different way. Many cruises offer dinner and complimentary drinks for the honeymoon couples.

Honeymoon Travel Deals

Honeymoon should be well-planned, else you can end up having lots of complaints and disagreements. How can you make your honeymoon trip a nearly perfect one? Honeymoon travel deals can make your trip hassle free. All you need to do is to book your tickets and hotel rooms in advance so that you can fetch the best deal. If you plan your holyday little earlier, you can get the chance to get the cheap deals. Honeymoon travel deals include air ticket booking and hotel booking deals.

Air ticket booking

Generally, it is found that air tickets tend to be cheaper if you book them earlier. Ideally, in order to get the best deal possible, you should book the tickets at least two or three months before. You need to select the airline, with which you want to travel. Some vouch against the advance booking for the simple reason that their money will be wasted if the trip is cancelled. In this case, if you want to postpone or cancel the ticket booking, you can apply and the airline will pay back one percent of the total amount.

Hotel booking deals

As soon you decide your honeymoon destination, the next thing you should do is to through with your hotel booking. You can get the best deal on hotel booking, if you book a couple of months before. For example, if you are planning to visit a country in the month of December, you should try to book the hotel in September or November, if you are considering the peak season. It is always very difficult to strike the best hotel booking deal during the peak season. In order to cut a considerable amount of hotel booking cost, you can book your hotel room during the off-season. Off-season prices are the lowest. This way, you can avail the best hotel deal at the cheapest price.

In some cases, the honeymoon couples decide their honeymoon details at the eleventh hour. For them, getting the best travel deals is very difficult. However, if you are looking for a budget and at the same time want to have a quick honeymoon trip, you can sign up with the last minute travel sites. These sites offer last minute bookings at the cheapest rate possible. You can be informed of the discount hotels in the land, you are opting for. These sites conduct short romantic honeymoons. However, you need to be very alert while opting for these last minute travel deals.

Most of the travel sites disappoint the romantic couples, when they see that they are accommodated to the center seats on the airplane or to a messed up left over hotel room. In order to avoid such disappointment, you should check twice before going with these booking sites. Moreover, you should not expect something beyond your budget and ability. If you spend 100 dollars and then expect that you will be accommodated in a five-star hotel, you are bound to get disappointed.

Second Honeymoon

Second Honeymoon is worth being considered by many unhappy couples. It is something which revives a broken marriage. Now, those who have taken the marital vow for the second time in life also ought to take this esteemed joy. Modern life is harrowed with stress and strain, which may leave a negative mark on the marital bliss. The pressures and targets at office, the toils of parenthood may leave e you fatigued and tired for romance. Even if you are enjoying your marriage a second honeymoon is a must. It will help you to evoke romance and novelty in your marriage.

Your second honeymoon should be mutually planned. Both you and your spouse or partner should be active in organizing it. If one partner reluctantly accompanies the result may not be what you are expecting. You can plan for the place, , duration and activities together. In this journey both of you should be relaxed mentally. You should be considerate for each other. You both can include a delicious dinner of a hot bath for each other.

Tips for Second Honeymoon:

Mutually Select Dates

Your second honeymoon should last at least for two nights. Why? Well! To enjoy more! The days of your vacation should be the same as the number of years you are married. If you are a newly wed and considering a second honeymoon there might be other aspects of you marital life you need to consider.

Appoint a Credible Nanny

If you have children you need to appoint a reliable baby-sitter or a relative who is eager to take care of your kids while you are on you vacation. Do some back-ground check of the baby-sitter before appointing him ore her. You should have faith and trust on the individual so that you can enjoy your Second honeymoon with joy. Let your vacation be stress-free.

Mutually Select Destination

An intimate and romantic destination is the best location for a second honeymoon. You and your partner need to cuddle up and enjoy. You need to participate in activities to make your love life a better one. You need to invoke common interests and enjoy. You both may not be keen on all the activities. However, try to find out what you both enjoy doing (maybe skiing or surf riding). Find the destinations where these activities are held. Book a comfortable accommodation. Take details. Then embark on you romantic journey. Thus, you will be able to ignite the spark and excitement once more in your marriage.

Mutually Select Accommodation

For in-room romance use your ingenuity and select what you both are comfortable with. Honeymooners spend a lot of time indoors. Select your love-nest mutually. Most hotels as well as resorts have special facilities for honeymooners. There may be specially designed suites, villas and cabins to extend privacy to the couples. In room house-keeping facilitates you to have food in the comfort of your room reclining on each other. You may opt for laundry facilities to save your time and energy. So check out where you can get all these amenities. You may try to select a room with a beautiful view to give you utmost pleasure. However, you may rent a cottage and do your own cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking and laundry if you desire utmost privacy.

Mutually Plan Your Budget

Spending a lot of cash on your Second honeymoon is advisable. However, you should design your trip according to your financial ability. If you can afford, do plan for a luxurious and lavish honeymoon. Otherwise, spend as per your budget. If your trip leaves you bankrupt- you will surely suffer in the days to come (together or not). To avert this mishap be prudent and wise. Consult local agents to know more about how you can plan an economic holiday. You can try out a home exchange option or lend a vacation house from your close accomplish. You will have all the fun in a negligible expense. All these wise-decisions if taken together will surely bind you and your spouse or partner.

Set the Rules

You worries which are associated with you mobile phones, pagers, laptops should be left behind. You should plan how your home will run during your vacation without you. So do not worry. Your work at office can wait till you return. Or in case of emergency let one of your colleague accomplish the urgent work. Relax and break free from all your tensions and worries.

Give Space and to each other

You can try to give opportunity to each other to revive health and indulge in refreshing activities. If you feel so at times spend a little while away from each other. You can go for a body massage or spend time reading books. It will increase the mutual attraction- so much needed to make a marriage successful. Do not forget to communicate- both verbally as well as physically.

Be Creative, be romantic

Do indulge in whatever you feel can spice up your Second honeymoon. Spend time prior to your departure in grooming yourself. You may even go shopping to purchase stylish outfits which you will carry along to add colors to your second honeymoon.

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