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The area occupied by the present Kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh has a rich ancient history as the capital of the Vatsa Mahajanpada or Kingdom in the 5th Century BC, prominently mentioned in the ancient Hindu books- Purana, Brahamanas, the Mahabharata, and the Ramayana. Kausambi, on the banks of the river Yamuna, was an important town during Buddha's time, a nerve center of trade route along the Yamuna.

In fact Buddha is said to have visited Kausambi to spread his Dharma and the eight fold path and this town was closely associated with Buddhism. King Ashoka, a devout Buddhist, constructed a pillar here.

Today the ruins of the old city are 51 km from Allahabad. The ruins of the old fortification, towers and bastions, and an old moat are all visible though erosion from the Yamuna has eaten into a number of structures. The Ashokan pillar and a Jain temple still stand though most of the artifacts are displayed in the Allahabad Museum. There are also the ruins of a monastery the Ghositarama monastery. Archeologists are still excavating the ruins of Vatsa and its university. Villages close by and around Kausambi have ancient ruins and temples. Tourists especially history buffs can walk to the sites and temples. Prabhasgiri a place close by is also associated with the sixth Jain Teerthankar Padamprubhu, who lived here.

Allahabad is the closest big city while Sarai Akil is the closest village. All the hotels are in Allahabad and it is the place to stay for an overnight visit. You can hire a taxi or take a bus from here to reach the excavation site of the ruins. A number of small villages around the vicinity and en route to Kausambi have ancient ruins and temples.

Best Time to visit

As Kaushambi is in the UP plains, the summer is hot and often unbearable. The best time to visit is from September to March, though winter can be very cold with temperatures touching 5? C. The weather in the monsoon months of July and August is pleasant though the roads are slushy and often flooded.

Places to see in and around Kaushambi

  • Mahajanpur- It has the district headquarters and a Jain Temple at Prabhasgiri village. In winters during Navratri a fair is held at the Durga temple and the Kamasin Devi temple here.

  • Prabhasgiri- Located on the bank of the Yamuna it is a major center for Jain tourists as the sixth Jain Teerthankar Padam Prabhu lived here. It has an 18th Century Jain temple. Legends also associate this place with Lord Krishna who is said to have died here.

  • Bhita- Its a village where there are ruins of the ancient Vatsa city and its university. A museum displays the excavated artifacts including coins and seals.

  • Garwha- It has carved temples from the Gupta period.

  • Serai Akil- It has the ancient Jain temples 14 km away.

  • Kar- It is an important pilgrimage town since medieval times on the banks of river Ganga and has many temples including Bhairav Temple and Kaleshwar Mahadev. There is also an ashram and Samadhi of Saint Malookdas. Another attraction is the ruins of a fort built by Jaichand the last Hindu king of Kannauj.

  • Allahabad- The famous pilgrim city is only 65 km away. One can get a bus or a taxi from here to Sarai Akil the closest village to Kausambi. The Allahabad museum has many of the archeological artifacts of the excavations. There are also modern paintings and ancient sculptures. You can get a free guided tour at the Museum. The Fort built by Akbar in 1583 AD on the banks of Yamuna at Allahabad has an Asoka Pillar and an interesting underground temple called the Patalpuri temple.

  • Anand Bhavan- The former ancestral residence of the Nehru family and is now a museum.

  • Jhusi or Pratisthanpuri- It is a serene small town close to Allahabad across the Ganga and has a number of Ashrams and temples.

  • Upardaha Lake- It a protected lake is 44 kilometers from Allahabad.

  • Shrigverpur- On the banks of the river Ganga has an ancient temple and other excavations. Legends link this town to Lord Ram who stayed here before beginning his exile.

  • Lakshagriha- Associated with the house of lac built by the Pandavas according to the epic Mahabharata and is 45 km from Allahabad.

  • Kalka (35 km from Kasauli)

How to Reach Kaushambi

Nearest Airport

Allahabad is the closest big city. Bamrauli Airport, Allahabad is 48 km from Kausambi. You need to take a taxi or bus from here to reach Kausambi. Allahabad has limited flights, so Varanasi airport 150 km away is more convenient as it has daily flights.

Nearest Railway Station

Bharwari, 32 km from Kausambi is the closest rail-head. Allahabad, 65 km has a broad gauge line and connections to all major Indian cities.


Kaushambi, as it is an excavation site has no market. You can shop at Allahabad, the closest city, which has big markets. The Chowk area of Allahabad has a traditional bazaar -garments, spices, handcrafts and religious curios- all are available. This is also the food lane with Chaat, jalebi, kulfi and thandai, the traditional UP street food, readily available. The Katra and Civil Line area of Allahabad has all the big branded stores and malls. There are a lot of bookshops with a good collection of books in Hindi and English, both new and second hand. In summer Surkha mango is available at Allahabad, the main region where it is grown.

Last Updated on : 16/10/2013