Connaught Place

Connaught Place is the main shopping as well as business district of New Delhi and is undoubtedly popular among the people of Delhi. It is gathered from the history of Connaught Place, that is was constructed in 1931.

The architecture of Connaught Place is very Victorian indeed. It is said that its architectural model was the Royal Crescent in Bath, England and resembles it to a great extent. Connaught Place is made of 2 concentric circles, which are specked with buildings in the colonial style and are circled by a beautiful park. People can easily access the buildings through either the inner, outer or the middle circles. The central park is beautified with a light post, decorative fencing, a huge fountain and shady Gulmohur trees.

Connaught Place has been officially named Rajiv Chowk, but people are still fond of the older name and stick to it. It is very common among the Delhiites or the people of Delhi to address Connaught Place as the C.P.

Some of the attractions of Connaught Place are Palika Bazaar ( the underground shopping center), many state handicraft emporiums and a number of eating joints such as Nirula's, TGI Friday's and more.

Shopping in Connaught Place is a very exciting activity as people can find almost anything in the area.

Last Updated on 1 March 2013



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