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The shopping areas in Delhi stock a wide range of products that attracts buyers of all hues and tastes. The unique characteristic of the shopping areas in Delhi is that a number of disparate products are found side by side. A simple handicraft may be up for display just beside an expensive designer wear.

The shopping areas in Delhi sell a mind boggling variety of goods. The shopping areas of Delhi are as follows:

  • Dilli Haat : Dilli Haat is the brainchild of the Delhi Tourism authority. Dilli Haat is close to INA market. Dilli Haat is one of the upmarket shopping areas in Delhi. It is the romanticized version of the traditional Indian bazaar or haat. Dilli Haat is an upscale market frequented by people who comes to see and buy the exquisite handicrafts on display. The market is a perfect commercial representation of the Indian Republic's glorious diversity. Dilli Haat has a distinct rural inspired architecture.

  • Connaught Place : Connaught Place has a very popular market-Palika Bazaar. The shopping center is a site for great bargain shopping. It is one of the many shopping areas in Delhi where foreigners come to shop.

  • The construction of the city began in 1929 and finished in 1933. The place derived its name from the Duke of Connaught. It was designed as a centerpiece of Lutyen's Delhi, a place in Delhi which has been named after Edwin Lutyens, a famous architect from Great Britain. The name of the place was changed to Rajiv Chowk in memoriam of late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, former prime minister of the country. In December 2006, the place observed its 75th anniversary.

    Before the construction of the place, it was a long narrow strip of land which was enshrouded with Kikar plants. The people of Civil Lines and Kashmere Gate regions came to the area for hunting partridges.

  • Chandni Chowk : Chandni Chowk represents one of the older shopping areas in Delhi. Chandni Chowk market specializes in antique goods and metal curios.The market of Chandni Chowk is very old.

    The origin of Chandni Chowk dates back to the Mughal era in Indian history. According to legend, Chandni Chowk market was established during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan. The legend also says that Chandni Chowk market was designed by Jahanara-Emperor Shahjahan's favorite daughter. A large 'chowk' or square with a centrally located pool was incorporated in the initial design.

  • Greater kailash :It is located in the southern part of modern Delhi city. Greater Kailash is a predominantly residential area with a number of high end contemporary retail outlets and designer wear shops. The showrooms of Greater Kailash cater to the aristocratic rich and their peer groups. The shops of Greater Kailash are lavish and offer the choicest products Delhi have to offer. If you are looking for top quality branded products in Delhi, Greater Kailash is the place to be!.

    It caters to the contemporary youth culture by its first class bars and pubs. If you are interested in a more active participatory environment, then there are swanky clubs to enjoy yourself. The restaurants of Greater Kailash serve the most exquisite variety of food. The contemporary discotheques contribute to the joyful atmosphere.

  • Karol Bagh : one of the most liveliest places in Delhi is a hub of activities all the year round. Known for some of the busiest roads in Delhi such as Azmal Khan Road, Arya Samaj Road, Bank Street Road, it is a favorite tourist haunt for both Indian as well as foreigners travelers. To cater to the growing number of travelers to this place, Karol Bagh has come up with a lot of accommodation options. Ranging from budget hotels to the most luxurious hotels in Karol Bagh has boarding solution for all types of pocket.

  • Preet Vihar : The area houses a large number of shops well organized into different markets. The markets here are quite up to the mark and they attract people not only from the locality, but from the places which are far and wide. These shops range from the small local ones to the giants of the international standards. Here you can find each and everything you can wish to have under the sun. They are quite trendy and hence favorite to the new generation.

    Many educational institutes are there in Delhi Preet Vihar. There are a number of highly esteemed schools. The people living in this locality do not find any difficulty in admitting their children to the nearby schools. Most of these schools have their own transport facilities. So students can come here from other parts of Delhi as well. The schools are of good standards and performance.

  • Bazaar Palika : Bazaar Palika is famous as the one and only underground, air-conditioned market of Delhi. During the summer months Bazaar Palika buzzes with the excited noises of shopaholics and the shopkeepers as well.

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