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delhi metro fare hike

Metro rides in Delhi have become more expensive from May 10, 2017. In the new structure for passenger fares, the lowest limit has been fixed at INR 10. It would be going up to INR 50. The new fare structure may be enumerated as below: Distance in km Fare in INR 2 10 2-5 15 5-12 20 12-21 30 21-32 40 More than 32 50 Travelers who have smart cards and travel during the off-peak [...]

Delhi Metro to run on Solar Energy

India is waking up to a new age – the age of clean renewable energy and conservation of fossil fuel. From being a nondescript developing nation that finds mention in the footnotes of global chronicles, our great nation has stepped into the centre stage and taken on a leading role in the global battle against climate change and global warming. In the Paris COP 21 Climate Change Summit in 2015, India and France together launched the [...]

Women Can Carry Knoves for Self Defence in Delhi Metro

Keeping in mind the safety of Indian women, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has decided to allow all female passengers to carry a knife for the purpose of self defence in case of an emergency situation. Female passengers will be allowed a knife of up to 4 inch while travelling in the Metro. However, the security personnel on frisking and scanning duty have the right to refuse entry if the passenger is seen as [...]

Delhi Metro to Join Global Elite Urban Network Club by 2020

There’s great news for citizens of Delhi. The state government has given the go ahead for launching Phase-IV of the Delhi Metro that will see the metro rail network add another 106 km to existing lines and take the service to outer areas of Delhi including Narela, Bawana, parts of Old Delhi and also offer alternate connectivity to Terminal – 1 at the airport. Expected to be complete by end 2020, Phase-IV will also see [...]