Splash Mountain Water Park Pune

To entice foreign tourists and meet international standards of amusement parks in India, Splash Mountain or Splash Water Park was a project pioneered by private operators in Pune.
It is situated at 118 Ashoka Mall Bund, Garden Road in Loaehgaon, opposite the Holiday Inn. Splash Mountain of Pune is one of India's largest water parks, which may quite rightly claim to be at par with worldwide standards.

Various types of rides are available at Splash Mountain of Pune, for diverse age groups. One may participate in water games with friends and family at this park. The scenic location combined with the lure of water games helps to attract large crowds on weekends, especially in summer.

Splash Mountain Water Park in Pune is one of the largest amusement parks in the country. It comprises several elements some of which are:

  • play station
  • lilly pads
  • wave pool
  • kiddies' pool
  • special family pool
A restaurant offering tasty dishes, cold drinks and ice-cream is located within the premises of the Splash Mountain of Pune. Rental prams, costumes, tubes, towel and lockers can also be obtained if needed.

Entry fee at Splash Mountain of Pune: Rs 200 for children and Rs 300 for adults.

To play water games, one would need a swimsuit that can be rented. For youngsters under 12, the deposit is Rs 100-125 and the rent is Rs 25. For adults, the deposit is Rs 100-150 while the rent is Rs 50.

Splash Mountain of Pune is one of the finest amusement parks, in not only Pune, but also the whole country.