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Shivneri Fort

Shivneri Fort is famous for being the birthplace of great Shivaji. Shivaji was the famous ruler of Maharashtra. Shivneri Fort in Pune is a well known historical military fortification. Shivaji spent his childhood in the fort and took lessons of all his military training here. Shivneri Fort is located approximately 105 kilometer far from Pune. Pune city is famously known as the Detroit of India mainly due of the existences of major automobile companies such as:

  • Tata Engineering,
  • Mercedes Benz India, and
  • Bajaj Auto
The people who are inclined to trekking, Shivneri Fort are the ideal place for them to visit. The boundary wall of the Shivneri Fort was built so high to protect the fort from the enemies. Inside of this fort there is a temple of goddess 'Shivai Devi'. A larger than life statue of Shivaji is situated in front of the Shivneri Fort. A traveler has to cross seven doors to reach in the Shivneri Fort.

Inside of the Shivneri Fort there is a water pond called 'Badami Talav', which is located in the middle of the fort. A statue of Jijabai, the mother of famous ruler Shivaji, with her son is located beside the water pond of the Shivneri Fort. One interesting feature of Shivneri fort of Pune is a mosque with two towers which are joined by a graceful arch. Many other tourist attractions are located very near to this fort, such as, Nane Ghat, which is famous for beautiful scenery of Konkan Region and Jivdhan, which is famous for trekking.