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Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace was built in the year 1892 by Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan III in Pune. Since then it is one of the biggest landmark in Indian history. The Aga Khan Palace of Pune was an act of charity by the Sultan who wanted to help the poor in the neighboring areas of Pune who were drastically hit by the famine.

Aga Khan Palace is one of the finest piece of architectural beauty in the western India. The exquisite palace is surrounded by the lavish green gardens all around. Aga Khan Palace in Pune also houses some lavishly decorated guest rooms and suites which take you back to the royal past of the heritage building.

Historically, Aga Khan Palace of Pune holds great significance as from 9th August 1942 to 6th May 1944, this palace was the prison for Mahatama Gandhi, his wife Kasturba and his secretary Mahadev Bhai Desai though the last two passed away in between their captivity at the Aga Khan Palace at Pune. Both of them have memorials in their name in the same complex near Mula river and everyday several visitors visit them.

In 1969, the Aga Khan Palace at Pune was donated to the Indians by Aga Khan IV as a mark of respect to Gandhi and his philosophy. Today the Aga Khan Palace in Pune also houses a memorial on Gandhi where his ashes were kept. The historical palace also hosts a shop that deals in khaadi and hand loomed textiles.