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Osho Commune International

The Osho Commune International in Pune strives to fulfill Osho's vision of 'Zorba the Buddha'. Innumerable visitors come to the Osho Commune International for either short visits or several months' attendance: to participate in daily meditation or the exhaustive programs of Osho Multiversity or contribute practically.

Be it healing or creative arts, therapy, sports, or preparing food, all activities here occur in the context of meditation.

Meditations take place in Gautama the Buddha Auditorium regularly, starting with Dynamic Meditation at sunrise. Besides, other meditation techniques like Vippasana, Nataraj, Gourishankar and Nadabrahma help connect with the inner world. The afternoon program concludes with Kundalini Meditation.

At sunset the entire Osho Commune International in Pune meets in the auditorium for the Osho White Robe Brotherhood Meeting, incorporating music, celebration, silence and a video discourse by Osho.

A 3 days meditation camp take place each month, starting on the second Friday.

Osho's Samadhi has an impressive marble and glass environment, where you can meditate amidst utter silence four times a day.

The Osho Commune International at Pune is an AIDS-free community - attendees must submit negative AIDS blood test reports and passport-sized photos for successful registration and granting of passes. Children, aged 12-18 must be accompanied by a parent. Arrangements for children under 12 or attendees with severe physical and mental problems are absent.

Entry is Rs 40 (approx. US $1.20)

The Osho Commune International of Pune is an important center of alternative living where people hailing from all countries and occupations come to experience meditation