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Parvati Hill and Temple

Parvati Hill and Temple, a temple dedicated to the Hindu deities namely, Parvati, Vishnu, Ganesha, Kartikeya and Devadeshwar, is situated in the southern part of Pune from where one can get a beautiful glance of the city.

The Parvati Hill and Temple of Pune is the combined name of Parvati hill on which the Parvati temple is situated. The temple is located so high on the hill that one has to climb a series of 108 steps to get to the main temple. The Parvati Hill and Temple of Pune, situated at a height of 2100 feet from sea level, offers a rhapsodic view of the city. It is believed that Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao used to watch the defeat of the Britishers from this site.

Besides the temple, there is an adjoining museum with the historical records of the Peshwas rulers. The museum contains a variety of things dating back to the contemporary society of the Peshwas. Among these artifacts the most important ones are:
  • old manuscripts
  • replica of ancient paintings
  • weapons, and
  • coins, etc.
The museum truly commemorates the Peshwa rule!

It is from this museum that we come to know that the Parvati Hill and Temple of Pune bore an idol which was carved out of gold by a craftsman from Karnataka; but it was stolen and replaced by a golden plated silver idol.

We also gather from this museum that the Parvati Hill and Temple at Pune was the private shrine of Peshwas Balaji Baji Rao; but today the temple is open to all. Everyone having the desire to visit the temple can visit the Parvati Hill and Temple of Pune, and can get the flavor of the Maratha cult.

It can thus be concluded that the Parvati Hill and Temple possesses an incredible charm.

Last Updated on : 23 May 2013