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National Film Archives Museum

National Film Archives Museum was set up in the year 1964 and is one of the largest film archives in Asia. The museum preserves all the classic movies and all the details on the classic movie makers. It is located in the Jayakar Bungalow on the Law College Road.

The National Film Archives Museum at Pune holds the largest collection of films in Asia. The museum is making news every year for showcasing some of the rarest classical movies from all across the world. Every year it is adding up its library with some new titles that are not available in the market.

National Film Archives Museum in Pune holds the record from the first film to first talkie film. It is the best place to get each and every detail on the film industry including how it works, how a film is made, etc.

National Film Archives Museum is of great help to research scholars and students of film studies who take up research on Indian films, directors, actors, etc.

National Film Archives Museum of Pune holds the following

  • 10304 films
  • 14678 books on film world
  • 214 regular film journals
  • 14264 film scripts
  • 5658 pamphlets
  • 55406 photographs
  • 5131 wall posters
  • 1752 disc records, and
  • 31 audio tapes comprising of interviews of some of the great legends on the development of the Indian film industry.
From time to time, National Film Archives Museum in Pune organizes screening of some of the rarest movies from all across the globe to celebrate some special occasions or pay tribute to some noted filmmaker or actor.

Last Updated on : 23 May 2013