SCECO (South), Gizan, Saudi Arabia in 1988

SCECO (South), Gizan, Saudi Arabia is one of the important clients of Reliance Energy and the latter took the tender for installation of power substations in 130 villages of Gizan, Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the SCECO.
SCECO (South), Gizan, Saudi Arabia in 1988 was one of the past projects of Reliance Energy. The project was highly successful and was executed by the EPC division of Reliance Energy Limited.

Saudi Consolidated Electricity Company

Saudi Consolidated Electricity Company is a power-based company which was established in the southern region of Saudi Arabia by a royal decree which was passed in the year 1979. The company operates 21 electric companies of the region and many government-based projects of the region.

EPC Unit of Reliance

SCECO is a vital client of Reliance Energy and both the companies collaborated together in the year 1988 for the installation, transmission and setting up of distribution lines in Gizan area. The project was handled by the EPC unit of Reliance which was established in the year 1966. This Reliance unit deals with the Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects on a turnkey basis, in different parts of India as well as of the world. This project also dealt with the establishment of service stations and different substation services across 130 villages in the Sabya-Baish area of Gizan, Saudi Arabia.

With the help of SCECO (South), Gizan, Saudi Arabia project in 1988, electricity was transmitted to these rural villages of Gizan which previously had no power connection

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