Rampur of Shimla

Rampur of Shimla is one of the most important and the biggest business center of Himachal Pradesh. The Sutlej river flowing behind adds to the beauty of the place.

Every year the Lavi fair in November and the Faag mela in March is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur. People from the adjacent places gather at Rampur during these two festivals.

Stalls are given from where things are bought and sold. Recreational programmes like dance performances are organized besides sports.

Rampur is linked up with Shimla by air and railway. The temperature in summer time is pleasurable and in winter it can dip down to sub zero. Heavy woollen garments becomes a necessity.

Sightseeing at Rampur:
  • Rampur town- The important places in Rampur includes Ragunath Temple, the Ayodhya Temple, the Narsingh Temple, the Dumgir Budh Temple, Sri Sat Nahan Temple and the Padam Palace.

  • Dutt Nagar- Known for the temple of God Dattreya.

  • Nirath- The Sun temple of Lord Suryanarayan is located here. Besides there is the Bhimakali temple.

  • Nirmand- Shrines of Lord Parshu Ram and Ambika are located here.
Rampur was once the capital of Bushahr Empire. For those who loves shopping Rampur has within its fold exquisite shawls that are known for their quality and long lasting nature.

The Padam palace is a worth visiting place at Rampur. The large edifice is constructed out of wood and stone carvings. The palace is surrounded by sprawling garden.

For the tourists, the Himachal Pradesh tourism department has got a tourist complex and a cafeteria named Satluj at Rampur.

Last Updated on : 29/05/2013

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