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Shimla Adventure Sports

Shimla Adventure Sports reminds its aficionados the meaning of life; its thrills and spills. Shimla Adventure Sports gives the participant the taste of a life worth living.

The major Shimla adventure sports in Shimla comprise the following sports:
  • Trekking: Trekking is a very exciting adventure sport, where one treks or walks from one mountain incline to another mountain incline. Every mountain slope is distinct from the other, with varying altitude and terrain. Himachal Pradesh Development Corporation (HPTDC) provides guidance, camps, equipments and hospitality services to trekkers.

  • Skiing: HPTDC offers ski training courses for novice skiers. There is a range of slopes from a beginner's slope, an advanced slope and a slalom run. Kufri near Shimla is one of the places for skiers to show off their talents.

  • River Rafting: The swift flowing rivers of Shimla provides the ideal condition for the river rafting adventure sport. The Sutlej river near Shimla offers exciting river rafting opportunities. River rafting is done on an inflatable rubber dinghy. The sport cannot be conducted during the winter and the monsoons.

  • Para Gliding: HPTDC offers training programs for Para Gliding. The open and clean sky of Shimla offers ideal condition for para gliders. The sport is a mix of skydiving and hang gliding.

  • Mountain Cycling: Mountain cycling has developed very fast as an adventure sport in Shimla in recent times. A specialist mountain bike is required. Mountain cycling requires mind,muscle and stamina.

  • Heli-Skiing:Heli-Skiing offers the highest thrills for high mountain skills. A helicopter carries the skier to a snow capped mountain peak. Then the sports person skis down the slope. The heli-skiing area is very compact in Shimla.

Last Updated on : 29/05/2013

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