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Shimla Fairs and Festivals

The Shimla fairs and festivals reflects the rich tradition and culture of Shimla.

The festivals and fairs of Shimla takes place throughout the year. Celebration is an integral part of Shimla's culture.

The new year is celebrated with much of pomp and grandeur in Shimla. The goddess of wealth that is Shiskar Apa is worshiped. Lohri and Maghi is celebrated in the mid of January with performing of folk dances and songs all around. Other festivals celebrated in the month of January are the Dechhang, Phagli and Kinnaur's Sazi.

Winter carnival takes place at this time. Basant Panchami is celebrated whereby kites are flown in the sky. Dance performances are held on the occasion of Lossar. Gochi is another festival of Shimla that is celebrated in the Bhaga valley with children throwing snow balls at one another.

The Char festival of Shimla is commemorated at Lahaul. Shivratri fair is held in Mandi accompanied by dance performances and dramas. The famous Nalwari fair is held in the third week of March. Holi is celebrated with gaiety. People smear colors on each others face. Balasundari fair is also held in March.

Baishakhi is considered to be the most important festival in Shimla and Himachal Pradesh that is celebrated on 13th April. The fairs that takes place during April are the Sui Mela, Markandaya fair and the Mahu Nag fair.

At many places river rafting and other water sports are organized. The Dhoongri fair takes place in May besides the Banjar fair and the Sarhi Jatar. Another Shimla fair that is very well-known is the Sipi fair.

The Kangra festival, Summer festival, Solan fair, Ghantal festival makes Shimla all colorful in June.

This month experiences the Ladarcha fair, Sair fair, Shravana Sankranti and the Lahaul festival.

Minjar fair, Dal fair and Gugga fair takes place. The Chrewal, Badronjo or Patroru is celebrated with flowers and fire.

Fullaich is a famous flower festival of Shimla. Bawan Dawadashi fair and Nagini fair is organized.

The International folk festival marks the celebration in October. Dusshera is also celebrated with full of gaeity.

Water sports are held during this time. Also the Lavi fair takes place in this month.

The International Himalayan festival is held with utmost celebration.

Last Updated on : 4/26/2012

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