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Shimla Industries

Shimla industries mainly center around the small scale industries. Since Shimla is a hill resort, so the construction of big industries is quite impossible in Shimla due to a number of valid reasons like the unavailability of adequate human resource and uneven terrain. Shimla came only recently in 1966 after the state of Punjab got reorganized.

The main economic activities of Shimla are agriculture and horticulture. The major supply of cash crop in Shimla comes from horticulture. Shimla is the abode to enormous plantation of apple trees. Due to this reason the district of Shimla has been conferred the name of 'Apple state of India'. Apple cultivation has emerged as a major industry in Shimla. The apples of Shimla are exported to other states in India. Infact Shimla earns a greater source of revenue by exporting apples to countries outside India.

Besides the above, Shimla being an ideal place for a getaway, the tourism industry in Shimla has emerged as a booming one. The tourism industry has been a major source of income for the people of Shimla. The overall scenic beauty of Shimla with the rolling hills and salubrious climate drags domestic as well as foreign tourists. kery Products industry
  • Essential Oil industry
  • Implements of agriculture and horticulture
  • Jute Bags industry

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